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  • LAB MIX;  Sleek tan coat; fold over perky ears! About 25lbs end of October 2019.
  • BABY MALE:  Est DOB:  July 1, 2019
  • ARRIVAL: October 26, 2019
  • HISTORY:  Archie arrived with his female sibling as a stray at a county kill shelter.  Both super shy at first,  amazingly Archie’s sister was selected for adoption but Archie sat unwanted.  When he became at risk,  we spoke up for him.

For a guy tipping the scales at less than 25lbs, cute little Archie is certainly creating quite the big buzz here at the Sanctuary! Arriving via a transport not long ago, this tan lab mix arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter. Feeling very shy and overwhelmed, amazingly his timid female sibling was selected for adoption but poor Archie was left alone and even more at risk of not going home as time went by.

We spoke up for Archie before it was too late and gosh, we could not be more pleased! This perky eared fellow was not as timid as we had thought and his sweet little smile and gently wagging tail quickly endeared him to us all.  While under our care,  Archie has already mastered walking on a leash and yes,  the fine art of snuggling near his new human friends.   About 4mos old, Archie is softly cuddly, happy to be toted around and ready for his first ever full time pet position.   As adorable as he is sweet, if you’re looking to add a puppy to your home, we don’t think you can go wrong with this little guy.

More About me Nov 5: Allow us to introduce new arrival, Archie! He’s about 5 months old and 30 pounds of lovable, sweet, cuteness. His breed is still up for debate, but we’re thinking he’s mainly lab, with a little bit shepherd, maybe some boxer and a whole lot of fun! Our vet anticipates that he’ll settle in around 50-55 pounds once full-grown. When taking him out for a walk, Archie will jump and bound, and then promptly lean against you, roll on his back, and offer you his belly for some rubbing, which he gratefully accepts. This boy tends to be slightly tentative in new situations, but with some guidance and patience, he learns to overcome his fears and approach the world with a happy, wagging tail. Archie feels especially at ease when around another happy 4-legged pal and would do great in a home with a confident dog to lead the way and show him the ropes. He has already proven himself to be incredibly smart, figuring out a treat-puzzle game within seconds and follows redirection quite nicely. On a recent outing to a local cidery, Archie enjoyed romping and rolling down a hill with a new doggy-friend, smelling the autumn breeze, and then settling down for a snooze on a blanket, snoring away the afternoon. With training, continued socialization, and lots of love and affection and exercise, we believe Archie will be a fantastic addition to any active family in search of their next canine companion!