Bandy Louise…Steadfast and Loyal!

Bandy 07 800x533Before coming to Caring For Creatures in 2017,  Bandy Louise was being boarded waiting for an opening at CFC after her caregiver when into an assisted care facility.

“Once you get to know me you might very well think that Bandy Louise is a mighty fancy name for such a down to earth and solid girl. Upon arriving here I was completely perplexed, having lost the only home I’d ever known and being plopped down in a room full to overflowing with fellow felines. While I haven’t made any fast friends among them, I have no issues with my roommates and even find watching them from my elevated perch fascinating. It’s the essence of my nature to be gentle and peaceable. My volunteer friend was surprised, very pleasantly she said, when she bent down to me and I gently gave her quick soft kisses to her nose. There’s joy for me in being stroked and talked sweetly to and an almost imperceptible purr could break out at any moment. She and others call me a sweetie and who am I to argue about that? There’s no flightiness to me, just a steadiness and resolute loyalty to those I love. While I haven’t shown an inclination here to be a lap kitty, that could well change once I’m comfortable and relaxed again in a home that I can call mine. I’ve certainly got the soft, plush, and cuddly body to be a fine one. A position as someone’s devoted companion is my heartfelt wish and I hope you’ll stop by and talk it over with me.”