Owner Name: Debby
Contact information: or 703-407-7910
Located: Scottsville/Palmyra
Age: 10
Breed: Flame Point Siamese with crossed eyes
Neutered?: yes
Dogs: No
Cats: No
Kids: Older children
Shots: Up to date on all shots

We adopted Barney in 2010 after he was abandoned at a furniture store we were visiting. He joined our existing family of 4 cats and 2 dogs. The last of his original “brothers” and “sisters” passed in 2018. In November, we adopted a new kitten and in January we adopted a new puppy. The new additions have been very stressful for Barney – they want to play and he is too sophisticated to engage in youthful play. Barney would love to cuddle with his very own person(s) and not have his space interrupted by other silly 4-legged critters. He’s a great companion although he is initially shy. He is very affectionate and talkative once he trusts you and will melt into your lap. He loves spending his days curled up in sunspots or snuggling with his person.  Posted May 9, 2019