• BLACK LAB MIX- Sleek, black coat with tinges of auburn throughout – approximately 55lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 2013
  • ARRIVAL:  August 17, 2019
  • HISTORY:  Beauty was found as a stray in a rural South Carolina community.  When space became an issue at the local county shelter,  we spoke up for her.

Beauty has been an instant hit from the moment her paws touched sanctuary grounds, turning heads as she confidently walks by, leaving a trail of people to inevitably remark “oh, my…what a beauty!”  Little do they know, that’s exactly who she is! This sweet, black lab mix with flecks of auburn throughout her coat has it all -  beauty, brains, and a bubbly personality to boot!  

Her labby personality traits are abundant – playful, full of zest and eager to please.  Beauty has not met a toy she doesn’t like – squeaker toys, stuffies, tennis balls – hold one up and she will promptly sit in front of you, her front feet doing a little happy dance as she impatiently waits for the moment the toy leaves your hand so she can quickly run after it.   She may not bring it back to you, but will carry it off to her desired location where she will inevitably create quite the collection of toys.  One beckoning call, though, and her attention is diverted from her play as she happily trots to you for some attention –attentively sitting in front of you, waiting for what comes next.  Beauty has that overall lab-look, but has traded in the traditional lanky-legs for a shorter pair, which still garner plenty of speed for toy-chasing.  A sucker for a pair of good ears? Well, she has that, too – soft and plush and primed for all the petting.

Beauty approaches strangers with a happily wagging tail and despite any eagerness she has in interacting with people, we have never seen her jump up on anyone and will instead sit in front of them, politely waiting for some pets. We believe that she has a great temperament for children, and has also shown a keen interest in other dogs. It appears that she knows basic training, and we expect that she will be easily trainable which will hopefully translate into adjusting well from sanctuary-life into home-living.  Her leash walking could use a little bit of work, as at the start of the walk she is ready to go at her pace, but once she gets into the rhythm of the walk, she will slow down, stopping periodically to sit beside you and looking up, just to check in with her walker.  

They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and in this case, we tend to believe that anyone who meets this gorgeous girl will not only be attracted to her looks, but her wonderful personality, too.  Come out today to see it for yourself!