• BEAGLE MIX; brown with white, 20lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE: DOB 11/28/13
  • ARRIVAL: 9/19/18
  • HISTORY: Bella was adopted from CFC as a puppy and was returned to us after her owner was no longer able to care for her.

This little cutie has eyes that will melt your heart along with, quite possibly, the softest ears in the state.  Bella will wag her plumed tail at the sight of a friendly face and is put at ease in the company of people.  When she arrived back at CFC, we had to help Bella through some separation anxiety.  Once we started crating her in the evenings after staff had left, Bella’s anxiety subsided drastically and she was able to spend the night comfortably and quietly in her crate – we would recommend that her next family do the same.  Bella isn’t just all looks and no brains – this girl is very easily redirected and knows several commands.  Her socialization skills with other dogs have also improved greatly since her arrival.  When she first came back, she was unsure how to play with others and would usually become the odd-girl out at playtime, but through careful observation and spending time one-on-one out in a pen with her daytime roomie, Raven, Bella has learned how to play and bound with the best of them.  We have even begun observing her in some independent play with toys (although she’s still working on what exactly to do with them).  Bella is a loose-leash walker, and while she would do well in a home with another dog, she is definitely more focused on attention from people and would thrive in a loving, attentive, and routine-based home.