Bentley 04



  • DLH- Sold Black
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: 2015
  • ARRIVAL: 12/27/2017
  • HISTORY: Bentley was a stray abandoned by his owners and found by neighbors in mid November 2017.

Those who have come to know and love me here say that my gentle and serene nature is the thing that endears me the most to them. From my first day here, when out of fear and not knowing what lay ahead I hunkered down in my condo, I have been nothing but kindly and peaceful. They say that I’m a gentleman cat. Aside from my obvious physical charms, with my luminous large golden eyes and thick, glossy, and silken fur, it’s my gentleness of spirit that draws them in. Literally and figuratively I wrap my soft paws around them. I have absolutely no issues with my feline roomies but it’s my love for people that really shines. I want to mention that I really like my name, since I’m as luxurious and finely crafted as that renowned British motor car. My purr runs as quietly, smoothly, and dependably as its motor does. I can still be a bit bashful, especially around new acquaintances, but I’m usually in the mix of the group greeting visitors. My approach is quiet and slower paced than some of the others, but as soon as I’m stroked my back arches with pleasure and the purring commences. I revel in belly rubs and chinny scrunches, responding with gentle head nudges and eyes alight with good cheer. I enjoy being brushed too. Sitting beside you is a joy to me, and I’m gradually learning that lying in a lap is quite nice too. Having been abandoned and cast aside, you might think that I’d harbor some bitterness, but I don’t. There’s not a mean bone in me and I just know that my next home will be my forever home, with people who will value and love me for the wonderful fellow that I am. I’d love to meet you, so why not stop by and take a Bentley for a spin?