Betty…An adventurous snuggle-bug!

Betty 12 resized goodBetty is a beautiful husky mix with cotton-ball soft fur and a sweet, gentle demeanor. She greets every person like a long-lost best friend as she does a cute full-body wag starting at her nose and ending at her amazing tri-color tail. She gladly rolls over to receive tummy rubs from anyone willing to give them. In the exercise arena, Betty is an ace fetcher. A lot of dogs will chase balls, but not all of them will bring them back. Not only does Betty return almost every single toss, she’s even mastered dropping the ball with just enough spin to send it back to you while she readies herself for the next throw. After burning off some energy with a good game of fetch, she’s a loose-leash walker who enjoys exploring the fields and trails at an easy pace. Betty is very in tune with her human companions and loves affection. Come meet this pretty girl and see if you’re the best friend she’s been looking for.


MORE ABOUT BETTY:  Betty is so deserving of a wonderful home.  Always ready to go with a tail that wags to greet you, she has the energy to go on adventures with the family but is still down for all the snuggles and will show you her tummy to get in some scrumptious belly rubs.  This girl reigns supreme, and she needs to go to a home where she will remain the one and only Queen Canine but we believe that she would do just fine with some feline friends.  She demonstrates her ability to be trained by sitting when asked and fetching and returning balls like a pro (it is seriously something beautiful to watch).  She has an affinity for all people, big and small alike.  Betty loves children, but given her excitement at times, she would do best in a home that has children older than toddlers.



  • SHEPHERD/HUSKY MIX; Medium length blonde jacket with cream accents on her shoulders, chest and around her muzzle. 56lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: May 2016
  • ARRIVAL: April 2018
  • HISTORY: Betty arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter.  When space became an issue, we spoke up for her.
  • MEDICAL NOTE:  Betty has a corneal adhesion on her left eye.  It is non-functional and vets do not recommend any course of action on it.  She gets around like any normal, happy dog!