• LAB MIX – Sleek tan coat.  83 Lbs
  • ADULT MALE – EST. DOB 2014
  • ARRIVED: 5/2020
  • HISTORY: Bogey was rescued from a high kill shelter.

What’s not to love about this guy? He’s handsome, he’s smart, he’s sweet, he’s sensitive, he likes to cuddle – that’s a lot to love in one dog! Bogey endured a rough start to his life, but he is not holding any grudges. He counts his blessings that the shelter he was taken to got him into a foster situation with the best-ever human mom! When CFC spoke up for him, there was a teary farewell with his foster mom as Bogey headed to Virginia where he has his sights set on finding his forever loving home.

While in his foster home, Bogey patiently sat by and watched countless other pets leaving for their new home and or a rescue commitment. His foster mom was always squeezing in one more foster pet in need of a safe spot til a more permanent position could be found. He never lost sight of keeping his eye on the prize though, a full time pet position. Bogey attended several adoption events while at the shelter and was really in his element when he worked the Kissing Booth at a fundraising event. He had a steady stream of customers and was always patient and gentle in offering full on smooches to whomever frequented his booth. With his broad smile, soft swiveling hips, it was easy to see why folks were attracted to him! He is happiest when he is around others (humans and pets alike) and is part of the activity whatever it may be.

Bogey would love to have other dogs to play with. Medium sized dogs and larger would perfectly suit him as a playmate and make his smile! Bogey is a happy fellow who is not much of a barker, nor a skilled digger but he has one vice, if you can call it that, and it’s his remarkable skill at unlatching gates! He is super smart and fast and if you think you are fast at working gate latches, well you have met your match with Bogey!

Now a middle age fellow,  Bogey would prefer a quieter home with an older person or couple who enjoys going for walks or hikes but otherwise are fairly laid back.  Quiet down time and snuggle time with his adult humans in high on his list of “fave things to do.”

If you can commit to providing Bogie with a loving lifetime home, you will be rewarded with a gem of a dog. Bogie deserves the best a human can give because that is what you will always get in return from him – his best!

Staff Comment: Bogey is a gentle giant, that loves lots of pets, cuddles and rubs. He is a very calm, laid-back dog that would crawl up on your lap if he could, and receive all the affection you can give him. He will melt your heart when he looks up at you with those sweet, friendly eyes and you won’t be able to keep yourself from giving this smart, affectionate canine all the attention he deserves.