carlotta 5



  • ADULT FEMALE – Est. DOB 1/09
  • ARRIVED:  2/12/11
  • HISTORY:   Stray found in Lake Monticello area.  Came in with Calliope.

I confess that I did not make it easy for my admirers to get a good photo of me.  When I get attention I tend to flirt outrageously, including bellying up and rolling around enthusiastically in the sheer joy of the moment.  It has been said that I am a very beautiful girl, with my ebony medium length fur and my lovely golden eyes. Modesty keeps me from doing more than not objecting to that opinion. Soft as a bunny and gentle as can be, I’m just an all around nice lady cat.
More about Carlotta June 2013:
I hear there is some kitty on campus who struts around with what should be my name,  Majestic!   Just take one look at me and why yes,  I am simply “Majestic.”  But that was not to be my fate…I think Majestic arrived before me and Carlotta seemed to be a good fit.   And so it is!  But,  I AM today’s Formal Friday feature so in the end I win!!

You know, I have been quietly hanging out here for a little over two years.   I’ve been skimming under the radar since folks found me hanging out at The Lake and brought me to safety.   Looking back,  I can see I may have been a little aloof and a bit of a loner but today,  my edges have softened,  my heart has grown warm and I’m ready to put my best foot forward for a job interview.

With my super plush jacket,  I am quite the sight to see as I roll around on my back and point my furry little toes towards the sky.   I will entice you to rub my belly but do be cautious and most alert as I can quickly get overstimulated and a fast tap-tap swat will ensue!  You’ll soon come back to give me even more loving though because my fur is SO incredibly long and thick and darn right enticing.

Described as a quiet, sweet girl, folks will tell you I can be a bit of a flirt and a tough catch!  I’ll challenge YOU to be the one to win me over and bring me on over your threshold.