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Published March 4, 2020, by Nancy Kerns, Whole Dog Journal:

“From past work on articles about canine vaccination protocols, I was familiar with the word “coronavirus” when the stories about coronavirus disease 2019—better known today as COVID-19—began to break.

When it comes to dogs, the phrase “coronavirus disease” has long been used to refer to a highly infectious intestinal disease that mostly affects puppies who are less than six weeks of age. The viral infection can cause abdominal discomfort and diarrhea for a few days, but is usually mild. The disease is most common in puppies who have been raised in crowded and unsanitary conditions—puppies who are also at higher risk of becoming infected with parvovirus. If a pup contracts both viruses at the same time, he may not recover.

There is a vaccination that can protect pups from a coronavirus infection, but it’s rarely administered. Neither the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA, the organization whose vaccination protocol guidelines are followed by most veterinarians) nor the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommend the coronavirus vaccination for most dogs or puppies.

The type of coronavirus that typically infects dogs is not zoonotic; it doesn’t affect humans in any way.

“Coronavirus” is a sort of generic term for any one of a number of viruses that are named for the crown-like spikes on the surface of the virus when viewed by powerful microscopes. Some coronaviruses affect only animals and some affect humans. The types that affect humans tend to cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory infections—what most of us would consider an ordinary “cold.” However, in vulnerable or particularly susceptible individuals, the viruses can also cause bronchitis and pneumonia.

There has been a certain amount of comparing COVID-19 to “severe acute respiratory syndrome,” better known as SARS. COVID-19 and SARS are actually both coronaviruses (as is Middle East respiratory syndrome, better known as MERS). So far, SARS and MERS both seem to be less infectious than COVID-19, but they both seem to cause a higher rate of fatalities than COVID-19 infections.”

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RUBY website rev

March Puppy Madness!!

Ruby gave birth to 10 puppies on February 17th, Presidents’ Day!

CFC is holding a month-long campaign for our Presidential Puppy Team.  We are asking for your help in raising Ruby’s 6 girls and 4 boys in order to get them ready for adoption!  

 During the month of March, please consider donating one or more of the following items to help CFC give the very best to this winning team of puppy love!

 High-quality Puppy Dry Food (please no corn, soy or wheat products)

 High-quality canned dog food

 Puppy Milk Replacer

 Puppy Harnesses, Collars & Leashes

OR, you can make a financial gift via our secure website to help offset the cost of providing the necessary vaccines, worming medications and spay/neuter procedures these puppies will need prior to adoption. 

 To donate to the March Puppy Madness, visit our website at: and click on the Donate tab.   Select “March Puppy Madness” on the Donation Designation dropdown list.

 RUBY arrived at the sanctuary on Sunday, February 9th.  She was picked up by Animal Control in Henrico County, VA.  The county facility received 3 pregnant dogs in the same week and have no appropriate set up for birthing moms.  CFC agreed to welcome Ruby!  Upon arrival, it was      obvious whatever amount of food Ruby was eating was going directly to the pups.  You could see her ribs and backbone.  She was also in dire need of a bath!  After Ruby’s bath was done, we got her settled into her    birthing space and created a special feeding menu and schedule for Ruby.  As they say, the rest is history!  Ruby is such a sweet tempered girl and enjoys the company of humans.  Her pups are a variety of colors and we feel will also reflect the sweetness of their mom!

Thank You for your help!    


Caring For Creatures is proud to announce our partnership with the Veteran Pet Adoption Program sponsored by Coming Home Well, a veteran hosted radio show in Charlottesville.  Through this partnership we will be offering FREE ADOPTIONS to veterans in an effort to help fulfill the Vet Pet Adoption Program’s mission of connecting veterans to companion animals to assist in easing depression and anxiety and work towards ending the epidemic of veteran suicide. We see first-hand how therapeutic the companionship of animals are and are so happy to have the opportunity to unite veterans with their next pet through this special program.

Veterans are encouraged to visit our website and browse our pets.  We have marked specific veteran companion animals with an American flag graphic, but they are not exclusive to the program.  Veterans interested in adopting an animal will fill out the standard Caring For Creatures application.  Our adoption coordinator will review the application and upon approval will contact the veteran to arrange a day and time to visit the sanctuary to meet possible companion animal matches in the same process as other applicants.

If a veteran finds a special connection with a dog not identified for the program, our adoption coordinator will assess whether or not the adoption will be successful.  Specific feline candidates may be identified, but all felines are available for adoption through the program.   As with all adoptions, pets will be matched with adopters based on both the needs of the applicant and the needs of the animal.  Our Caring For Creatures adoption coordinator will assist veterans in finding the right animal for them and their lifestyle.

All branches of the military are eligible, including National Guard and Reserves members.  Proof of veteran status and a valid ID (driver’s license, state issued ID card, etc.) are required.

For more information about this program please contact:

  • Mallory O’Connor (Adoption Coordinator)
  • 434-842-2404

Read today’s press release by clicking on the link below:

Vet Pet Press release

Honey 1 REVLooking for love!  Honey is such a sweet, dear little lady.  This girl breaks our hearts as you know life has not been easy for her but still she is cautiously optimistic that someone will select her to be their new companion.  Honey was fortunate enough to briefly be in a foster home before transporting to us and her family absolutely raved about her!   She was scared but cooperative when she first arrived and yes, “very brave” especially since the family did not believe she had ever lived in a home before.   Honey nicely met the other dogs in the home and slowly started to learn how to play with toys and just have fun and be a pet!  She was fine with the cats as well and quickly caught on to crate and house training!  She blossomed and promptly made herself at home. Such a good girl!!

Honey has done a lovely job settling in here at the Sanctuary.   Having a well balanced canine companion is still a good choice for her as she can be cautious in new settings and around new people.   A great leash walker, she has enjoyed exploring the trails on our property and has even started to roll around on her back in our tall grassy areas which is so pleasing to see!  Honey has a lot of love to give and patiently waits for that perfect family to invite her to come on home!   If you are in the market for a little diamond in the rough, no doubt Honey is the girl for you!

Chrissy Jan 2020Chrissy arrived as a stray at a county kill shelter when she was about 8 wks old. She was very frightened and went to foster care. Returned after a few weeks in foster care, she was even more frightened. The county staff still rallied behind her and found a family to take her home. Despite very clear guidelines on how to introduce a new pet to a new home, the family said she was too shy (she hid all night under a bed!) and she was returned after just one day. Since then, Chrissy has been living her life in a very small wire cage…close to 3 yrs! When we learned of her story, we got her in a foster home for a month and then she joined us where she is doing GREAT!

Chrissy is an amazing little lady.  It’s hard to believe she lived the first 3 years of her life in a small wire cage.  Too shy to be released in a more common cat area at a kill shelter,  she sat day after day wondering if this was all her life would amount to.  The staff adored her and kept her safe from week to week and month to month, but still no takers to offer her a new home.
 When we learned of Chrissy’s plight,  we took action.   Quickly placed in a foster home,  Chrissy was nearly a foster fail as she settled into her new home life so quickly and with such ease.  Who would have thought?
 Chrissy is a petite, super sweet lady, who like most cats, will need some time to acclimate in her new home but then she will blossom and thrive and her loving personality with appear with great gusto.  Chrissy enjoys playing with toys (in her foster home at first they were scary objects that she did not understand) and will swat mice around, chase after balls and follow long, snaking string as it is dragged across the floor.   She is just starting to learn how wonderful human laps are.  She will nicely snuggle and snooze for shorter periods of time and then it’s off to go and do!  Chrissy can be very chatty especially if she hears you coming her way and or if she knows dinner is being served.    This pretty little lady did a nice job in meeting the other 2 resident cats in her foster home.  She was polite and curious and even when greeted with hisses, backed up and later would try again to say “hello.”  Open to sharing her space and home with the foster’s resident dog,  her foster mom was surprised at her level of acceptance of the senior black lab who would stick his nose right in her face!
 Chrissy would be best suited in a more quiet home. Having lived a very sterile, confining existence for so long,  her world is now exploding day to day and as such she can at times feel overwhelmed.  Having a “safe” area that she can call her own (she had a kitty condo in her foster home) will help her greatly as she settles into her new life.   Chrissy is curious and still has a fun, playful kitty side to her.  Likely never feeling comfortable enough to “let herself go,”  it’s beyond rewarding to see Chrissy acting like a kitty, running and playing, exploring and showing love to her person.
 Chrissy is just on the cusp of realizing her true kitty greatness and is hopeful, you will consider adding her to your home.   After being patient for a better life to come her way,  surely she’s waited long enough.   Ask for Chrissy today, won’t you?

Draco webDraco

Caring For Creatures has an ongoing need for many different types of items – this Wish List will give you an idea of the things we use on a regular basis. Any items that you are able to donate allows us to use those dollars for other expenses!

Download a copy of our 2019 Wish List by clicking on the link below:

WISH LIST_REV July 5 2019

Questions?  Call us at 434-842-2404 or send an email to

Kroger_logo.svg.png 800Register for The Kroger Community Rewards Program and

Help Caring For Creatures!



Register on line at

Be sure to use NPO number RN488

New online customer?  Click on ‘Sign up today’ in the ‘New Customer’ box


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Participants can shop at any Kroger store in the following states:


West Virginia

North Carolina

DOGWOOD logo_MKB scan

The Dogwood Restaurant and Caring For Creatures join forces to help the sanctuary animals!



Lunch and Dinner (5-8 pm)

Eat In or Carry Out


Order one of 5 great specials (named after CFC animals!) and a portion of the cost of your meal will go to help the CFC animals!  This offer also applies to carry out orders of the five specials.  The specials are now being offered during lunch and dinner!  Eat in or take out!

Bring the family and eat out for a great cause!



The Dogwood Restaurant

10 Centre Court, Palmyra – across from the Lake Monticello Fire & Rescue Squad Building




SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15th – Dogs from 11 am to 1 pm; Cats from 1 pm to 3 pm

To attend, please register by filling out an online application or send an email to

Would you like to help the dogs and cats at Caring for Creatures?  Attend one of our volunteer orientations – you’ll get to meet our awesome animals and learn about the various ways you can help.    Attend one or both of the orientations, depending on whether you’d like to work with our dogs, cats, or both!

Dog walkers and ‘cat socialization specialists’ are always in high demand!  In addition to working one on one with our animals, we need volunteers to help out with various adoption and  fundraising events.

  For more information on volunteering,  click on the ‘Volunteer’ tab at the top of our webpage.


Come join our happy family.  Our animals are waiting for you!



If you own a vehicle of just about any type and it is no longer of use to you, please consider donating it to Caring For Creatures through Donation Line, one of the largest, most visited and trusted vehicle donation centers in America.  This service is hassle-free and there is no charge to you.  All you need is a clear title (for vehicles that are titled) and Donation Line does the rest.

 Click here to go to the Donation Line website and complete the necessary website form.  Select CARING FOR CREATURES from the list of organizations and you will be helping the animals here at Caring For Creatures.

This “vehicle” of donating has been a very fruitful one for the CFC sanctuary.