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Dear Sanctuary Friends & Supporters,
All of us at Caring For Creatures feel blessed to present to you A LIFE WELL LIVED, our final 30th Anniversary Matching Gift Challenge. Now through December 31, 2019 your donation – in any amount – will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $20,000. Our Match Challenge donors have been a part of the CFC family for many years. They prefer to remain anonymous but share their personal message to you here:
“Our inspiration for this donation is twofold, based on both    human and animal influences. This year, Mom suffered a traumatic brain injury which required surgery to save her life. This woman who had always been so tough and independent, suddenly had become completely incapacitated in a split second! A life-long do-it-yourselfer, this was a true challenge to her  psyche well beyond the physical insult of the injury. Watching her come back from the brink of death this year with grace and determination has been incredibly inspiring. We are learning what IS and what IS NOT important, that life can change in the blink of an eye, and that as humans we have the ability to choose how we respond to those curveballs that inevitably come our way.
Also this year, we lost our sweetheart old hound, Tequila, we’d adopted from CFC just 2 years ago. Though a shy guy at first, he quickly blossomed and soon it was hard to imagine our home without him. We had just 2 years with the goofy old boy, but   giving him the chance to be a true pet in his retirement years and being fortunate enough to watch his transformation, reminds us to take every day as it comes and to stop and smell the roses along the way, just as he did!”
We invite you to honor a friend or family member (animal or human) who inspired you through their love and support. Or,  perhaps there is someone who was your rock as you made your way through a particularly challenging time. Please honor them with a gift to our Life Well Lived $20,000 Matching Gift Challenge which continues through December 31, 2019.
Mary K. Birkholz
President & Founder
You will be receiving Mary’s newsletter in the mail soon. She has included a reply card and return envelope. If you wish to donate now, you may do so via our website by clicking here. Select ‘A Life Well Lived’ from the designation drop down list. If your gift is to honor someone, simply fill out that portion of the donation form as well.


Caring For Creatures is proud to announce our partnership with the Veteran Pet Adoption Program sponsored by Coming Home Well, a veteran hosted radio show in Charlottesville.  Through this partnership we will be offering FREE ADOPTIONS to veterans in an effort to help fulfill the Vet Pet Adoption Program’s mission of connecting veterans to companion animals to assist in easing depression and anxiety and work towards ending the epidemic of veteran suicide. We see first-hand how therapeutic the companionship of animals are and are so happy to have the opportunity to unite veterans with their next pet through this special program.

Veterans are encouraged to visit our website and browse our pets.  We have marked specific veteran companion animals with an American flag graphic, but they are not exclusive to the program.  Veterans interested in adopting an animal will fill out the standard Caring For Creatures application.  Our adoption coordinator will review the application and upon approval will contact the veteran to arrange a day and time to visit the sanctuary to meet possible companion animal matches in the same process as other applicants.

If a veteran finds a special connection with a dog not identified for the program, our adoption coordinator will assess whether or not the adoption will be successful.  Specific feline candidates may be identified, but all felines are available for adoption through the program.   As with all adoptions, pets will be matched with adopters based on both the needs of the applicant and the needs of the animal.  Our Caring For Creatures adoption coordinator will assist veterans in finding the right animal for them and their lifestyle.

All branches of the military are eligible, including National Guard and Reserves members.  Proof of veteran status and a valid ID (driver’s license, state issued ID card, etc.) are required.

For more information about this program please contact:

  • Mallory O’Connor (Adoption Coordinator)
  • 434-842-2404

Read today’s press release by clicking on the link below:

Vet Pet Press release

Lucille website

It’s that time of year again, and we’re busy preparing the sanctuary for the cold months ahead.  You can help keep our animals cozy and warm this season by donating an item from our wish list.  Thank you!

2019 Fall & Winter Wish List



INFRARED HEAT LAMP BULBS:  250 watt (available at Lowes and farm supply stores

FIXTURES for heat lamps:  We could use 6 additional fixtures

EXTENSION CORDS:  10’, 15’, 25’ or 50’ exterior use cords; 12 gauge or 14 gauge

ELECTRIC HEAT PADS:  Medium  and large sizes, made for outside use for dogs (we need  approximately 4 medium and 6 large)

ICE MELT:  Preferably the kind safe for dogs’ feet

SNOW SHOVELS:  We would like to have 4 new shovels

COMMERCIAL MATS:  3’ x 5’, with rubber backing for entry ways.  (We need 6 or 8)  Ex:  Sam’s Club sells these for $20

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS:  Lavender, Thieves, Stress Away and Peace & Calming  scents preferred.  For use in diffusers to ease our dogs’ anxiety in indoor kennels.

CANNED AND DRY FOOD:   Extra food is used during the winter (see our complete Wish List on our website for details)

 DOG SWEATERS AND COATS:  Primarily medium and large size

 KURANDA BEDS:  Dogs—medium and large sizes needed

Questions?  Please contact us at 434 842-2404, or send an email to


Harley webIntroducing Harley! There are so many things to love about this simply irresistible guy! To start, one look at his photos and you can see how handsome he is with his red coat, gorgeous eyes, and big, friendly smile. It may be hard to believe, but he’s even more beautiful in person: it’s then that his easy-going, happy nature comes to life. Sit down next to him, and he will lean into you with his whole self, then he’ll drop head first into your lap where the lean becomes a request for a belly rub. Harley is friendly, sociable, and playful. He enjoys romping in our large fenced play yard and entertaining himself (and the people who get to watch) by tossing toys and trying to catch them. He walks beautifully on leash and loves people. He has a steady, even temperament and would be a great match for kids. Come meet Harley today and see if you’re the one who says the words he’s been waiting to hear: “Harley is the dog for us!”

Read more about Harley by clicking here.

Ron on Craig's lap webRon’s lucky day came when a Good Samaritan on a motorcycle stopped by the side of a local road to check his phone.  Out crawled Ron from beneath his motorcycle – all alone – no mom and no other siblings could be found.  This kind person brought Ron to Caring For Creatures.  At the time, he was approximately 8 weeks old, small for his age, but otherwise healthy. Ron has blossomed here at CFC.  He quickly stole the hearts of staff and volunteers and today enjoys romping and playing with the other kittens in his room.  When play time is over, he looks for a friendly lap to snuggle on and falls into a contented slumber.  What could be more perfect?  Come out and meet Ron and find out for yourself why Ron is perfect for you.



If you own a vehicle of just about any type and it is no longer of use to you, please consider donating it to Caring For Creatures through Donation Line, one of the largest, most visited and trusted vehicle donation centers in America.  This service is hassle-free and there is no charge to you.  All you need is a clear title (for vehicles that are titled) and Donation Line does the rest.

 Click here to go to the Donation Line website and complete the necessary website form.  Select CARING FOR CREATURES from the list of organizations and you will be helping the animals here at Caring For Creatures.

This “vehicle” of donating has been a very fruitful one for the CFC sanctuary.

Kroger_logo.svg.png 800Register for The Kroger Community Rewards Program and

Help Caring For Creatures!



Register on line at

Be sure to use NPO number RN488

New online customer?  Click on ‘Sign up today’ in the ‘New Customer’ box


*   *   *   *   *   *  

Participants can shop at any Kroger store in the following states:


West Virginia

North Carolina



SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21st – Dogs from 11 am to 1 pm; Cats from 1 pm to 3 pm

To attend, please register by filling out an online application or send an email to

Would you like to help the dogs and cats at Caring for Creatures?  Attend one of our volunteer orientations – you’ll get to meet our awesome animals and learn about the various ways you can help.    Attend one or both of the orientations, depending on whether you’d like to work with our dogs, cats, or both!

Dog walkers and ‘cat socialization specialists’ are always in high demand!  In addition to working one on one with our animals, we need volunteers to help out with various adoption and  fundraising events.

  For more information on volunteering,  click on the ‘Volunteer’ tab at the top of our webpage.


Come join our happy family.  Our animals are waiting for you!

DOGWOOD logo_MKB scan

The Dogwood Restaurant and Caring For Creatures join forces to help the sanctuary animals!



Lunch and Dinner (5-8 pm)

Eat In or Carry Out


Order one of 5 great specials (named after CFC animals!) and a portion of the cost of your meal will go to help the CFC animals!  This offer also applies to carry out orders of the five specials.  The specials are now being offered during lunch and dinner!  Eat in or take out!

Bring the family and eat out for a great cause!



The Dogwood Restaurant

10 Centre Court, Palmyra – across from the Lake Monticello Fire & Rescue Squad Building


AldenRadioSpot3 (1024x984) (800x769)

The Great American Mammal Jamboree

By Alden E. C. Bigelow


A book for all ages!

Order now from Alden’s website –, or pick up your copy at Caring For Creatures.


“Alden Bigelow weaves a mysterious tale that takes the reader on a wonderful journey, full of lessons learned and special mammal friends, and starring Jessie, the lovable narrator.”

                                                     - Dr. M.E. Adams


“Invisible cloaks, ghostly soldiers, and benevolent sabotage!  The Great American Mammal Jamboree spins a tale that compels us to suspend our disbelief as we root for the good guys to win.  While the animals in this unique fable are witty and entertaining, they underscore the serious theme of  animal cruelty and what needs to be done to combat it.

Animal lovers will delight in this lighthearted tale, but its value as a lesson for humanity makes it required reading.”

– Gerry Kruger, author of On Kruger Pond: Charlie’s Story


Here’s Alden Bigelow discussing his new book, The Great American Mammal Jamboree, with Mary Birkholz:


ALDEN BIGELOW, the voice of Caring For Creatures, teams up every week with MONTICELLO MEDIA to share news from the sanctuary and feature one of the great CFC animals waiting for his or her forever home.  Alden Bigelow is a creative genius and gifted writer with a passion for and love of animals.  He has utilized those talents along with his advertising/public relations expertise to help the 200+ animals currently in residence at CFC.  All of us at Caring For Creatures are grateful to Alden and his beautiful wife, Marjorie, for their commitment to Caring For Creatures for over seven years.  It is through their efforts that many lives are saved every year.  Alden’s literary genius has led to the publishing of several books:  Growing Up With Jemima, I Have My Reasons, Norton’s Lament and his most recent novel, Killing Time in a Southern Town.  Based on what we know of Alden, we might attribute some of his inspiration to the many animal companions he has had over the years.  Currently, Alden and Marjorie share their lives with canine, Elvis and Buddy, both adopted from CFC.


ALDEN BIGELOW, the voice of Caring For Creatures, teams up every week with MONTICELLO MEDIA to share news from the sanctuary and feature one of the great CFC animals waiting for his or her forever home.  You can listen to Alden MONDAYS/8:30 A.M. with JAY LOPEZ on GENERATIONS 102.3, and

FRIDAYS/8:07 A.M. – 8:30 A.M. – Live with JOE THOMAS, WCHV 1260AM and 107.5 FM