• DLH Light Orange – Very large “poof” factor!
  • SENIOR MALE; Est DOB: 12/2007
  • ARRIVAL: 2/4/16
  • HISTORY: Champ was an owner surrender to Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta.

Here’s my take on my progression since I arrived at CFC: Chump, Chomp, Champ, Charmer, Chum. Let me explain. When I got here, I was placed in a condo as part of the standard orientation procedure and I displayed a grouchy and even surly attitude. I admit that I was a “chump” not to appreciate my good fortune in finding a place here. As for the “chomp” I confess that my condo mood sometimes resulted in a nip to a proffered hand, nothing serious mind you but still not an acceptable reaction. As soon as I had served my time and was given free run of the room I became Champ again, a winner anxious to greet visitors. I have heard it said that I’ve become quite the “charmer.” I make a beeline to visitors, chirruping welcomes as I come, and then swirling my silken Palomino self against their legs in the hope that I’ll be stroked and given chinny scrunches. I love hearing my name spoken kindly (yes I do know my name) and folks find endearing all the eye contact I make with them. With all due modesty, I’m a handsome dude with a feather duster of a tail gone wild. We’ve covered the first 4 parts of my evolution and now only the most important one remains. I so badly want to be someone’s “chum,” their best pal, sidekick, homeboy. Please come visit and we can begin this last stage of my journey together.