• DSH Black and White, has no tail
  • ADULT MALE;  DOB: 5/20/2014
  • ARRIVAL: April 9, 2015
  • HISTORY: Chance was an owner surrender because he did not get along with the other cats in the family.

True confession: I’m a bit high strung, but my volunteer friends here at the sanctuary believe that I am a solid and sweet guy down deep and that I have a great deal of potential as a world class companion. One theory for my at times mischievous behavior is that my psyche has been bruised by other felines making fun of my tailless, but very cute, round butt. In any case I love people, sometimes too much for their good and mine. I wrap myself around ankles like a furry pair of shackles and I adore being petted. The problem is that I can become over stimulated and nip in my excitement. I’m hardly a fan of other cats and the presence of so many others here doesn’t help my emotional state at all. I’m a champion head bumper and my purr is strong and steady. One look into my handsome face and it’s easy to see why folks feel there is a fine feline within this hunky body. My dream is for a home of my very own with the kind of very knowledgeable cat person who can nurture me into the first-class furry friend I was always destined to be. Come on, please take a chance on Chance.