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  • HOUND/COLLIE/POINTER/BEAGLE Mix; Sleek black and white jacket.
  • BABY FEMALE: Est DOB: February 9, 2018
  • ARRIVAL: March 9, 2018
  • HISTORY:   This litter of 7 was found roadside with their deceased mom.  A good Samaritan found them and brought them to us.
Seven adorable puppies arrived early March! A man nearly ran over a small puppy on the road. When he pulled over, he found the mom dead and six more puppies nearby. He loaded them up and brought them to Caring for Creatures.
These little orphans weighed about three pounds each. They were severely dehydrated, full of worms, and covered with engorged ticks. They didn’t move or make a sound. The staff immediately got rid of the ticks, then gave the puppies fluids, food, and de-worming medication. By late afternoon they were starting to walk around their kitchen enclosure and even play a little.
The following morning, they were starting to act like normal puppies: playing together, jumping around, experimenting with climbing their fence, and being about as cute as puppies can be.
Out of the litter of 7 pups, we only have 2 left, Charlotte and Joy!  Sometimes folks say,  the best is saved for last.  These cutie pies will be snatched up fast enough so act quickly by submitting your adoption application today!  They will ready to go home on April 7.   
Charlotte is described as fearless! Very adventurous and one of the more dominant females,  she is clearly as intelligent as her namesake (Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web.) She has a distinctive black heart marking on her side.
Joy is a champion cuddler. She likes to romp and play with her siblings, but she loves nothing better than to be held and give kisses. The most affectionate of them all.