• SENIOR MALE – Est. DOB 2005
  • ARRIVED:  8/2007

Hi!  My name is Choxie and I have been told I am a very distinguished looking kitty with my smoky grey jacket and heart shaped dusting of white on my chest.   Originally when I arrived at CFC, I was a bit tenative and shy but I have now totally blossomed into my sweet, curious, spontaneous self!  Like most cats, it’s not unusual for me randomly sprint across my room and attack an unsuspecting toy.   I eagerly greet visitors to “my” room with a body rub on their leg and then encourage them to make a lap for me to relax in!    Should you decide to stop by to meet me, don’t forget to bring me an interactive toy as this will make my day.

Update Sept 2013:  I’m told the new black is charcoal grey and that I am perfectly aligned to meet the strict criteria for Formal Fridays.

So let’s sit down and have a chat about me, Choxie!  Bet you can already sense there is not much formality when it comes to getting to know me.   My book is pretty open. I’m a fairly easy read.

In my opening chapters,  you’ll quickly learn that it does not take much to make me happy.  I’m a simple fellow with simple needs.   Laps make me very happy.  Mucho Happy!!  Even when we first meet,  plan on sitting for a spell so I can quietly nuzzle on up and keep you company.  I’m apt to also give you some head butts here and there so be prepared!

Laps bring me much pleasure and so do toys.  I love them.  I mean love them.  Bring me a new toy and I am yours.  All toys speak to me!  While you may not hear them,  I do and I will race over to activate them and them listen to them squeal as they get air and land with a thump!

As low key and appealing as I am looking in this volunteer lap,  rest assured I will look just as awesome in your lap.   I’m cuddly, sweet and very gentle. I’m a softhearted feline hoping to claim your lap as my own.  ~Choxie~