• CALICO- Tri-Colored Coat; White chest and white tipped feet
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB Mid October 2016
  • ARRIVAL: December 9, 2019
  • HISTORY: Chrissy arrived as a stray at a county kill shelter when she was about 8 wks old. She was very frightened and went to foster care. Returned after a few weeks in foster care, she was even more frightened. The county staff still rallied behind her and found a family to take her home. Despite very clear guidelines on how to introduce a new pet to a new home, the family said she was too shy (she hid all night under a bed!) and she was returned after just one day. Since then, Chrissy has been living her life in a very small wire cage…close to 3 yrs! When we learned of her story, we got her in a foster home for a month and then she joined us where she is doing GREAT!
Chrissy is an amazing little lady.  It’s hard to believe she lived the first 3 years of her life in a small wire cage.  Too shy to be released in a more common cat area at a kill shelter,  she sat day after day wondering if this was all her life would amount to.  The staff adored her and kept her safe from week to week and month to month, but still no takers to offer her a new home.

When we learned of Chrissy’s plight,  we took action.   Quickly placed in a foster home,  Chrissy was nearly a foster fail as she settled into her new home life so quickly and with such ease.  Who would have thought?

Chrissy is a petite, super sweet lady, who like most cats, will need some time to acclimate in her new home but then she will blossom and thrive and her loving personality with appear with great gusto.  Chrissy enjoys playing with toys (in her foster home at first they were scary objects that she did not understand) and will swat mice around, chase after balls and follow long, snaking string as it is dragged across the floor.   She is just starting to learn how wonderful human laps are.  She will nicely snuggle and snooze for shorter periods of time and then it’s off to go and do!  Chrissy can be very chatty especially if she hears you coming her way and or if she knows dinner is being served.    This pretty little lady did a nice job in meeting the other 2 resident cats in her foster home.  She was polite and curious and even when greeted with hisses, backed up and later would try again to say “hello.”  Open to sharing her space and home with the foster’s resident dog,  her foster mom was surprised at her level of acceptance of the senior black lab who would stick his nose right in her face!

Chrissy would be best suited in a more quiet home. Having lived a very sterile, confining existence for so long,  her world is now exploding day to day and as such she can at times feel overwhelmed.  Having a “safe” area that she can call her own (she had a kitty condo in her foster home) will help her greatly as she settles into her new life.   Chrissy is curious and still has a fun, playful kitty side to her.  Likely never feeling comfortable enough to “let herself go,”  it’s beyond rewarding to see Chrissy acting like a kitty, running and playing, exploring and showing love to her person.

Chrissy is just on the cusp of realizing her true kitty greatness and is hopeful, you will consider adding her to your home.   After being patient for a better life to come her way,  surely she’s waited long enough.   Ask for Chrissy today, won’t you?