CRICKET-Vet Pet Pick




  • CATTLE DOG MIX; Sleek white coat with black speckles on ears and face and large swatches of black on back and sides.   About 50lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE;  Est DOB:  January 2018
  • ARRIVAL:  May 11, 2019
  • HISTORY:   As a puppy,  Cricket lived in the woods in a rural area.  She randomly was fed by community members but when she was finally captured and brought to the local shelter,  she was emaciated and on the brink of death.   Cricket quickly rebounded and soon, she was in great health.  Sadly,  despite the best efforts of volunteers promoting Cricket at this shelter,  still no one was interested in adopting her.  With a shelter overflowing with so many pets in need,  we spoke up for Cricket before it was too late.
Cricket is vivacious, happy, and fun! It’s hard to believe the skinny girl with the worried eyes in her “before” photo is the same dog. Now at CFC, it’s as though she is making up for lost time, and she’s ready to GO and DO! Give her a pile of toys and a fenced yard, and she’ll practically sparkle with joy. Her zest for life is contagious, and she will have you laughing and joining in her fun in no time. Cricket adores people and would love to be part of a family who will involve her in all their activities. Add another friendly dog and a sturdy kid or two who can keep up with her, and you will have made Cricket’s dreams come true.
Just over a year old, Cricket is a pretty Cattle Dog mix with a sleek and shiny white coat with splashes of black and cute freckles on her ears. This charming girl is super sweet with people and loves romping with all other dogs. She also loves playing and would sooner have a fun game of catch than sit in the sun. Once she burns off her initial spurt of energy, she is delightful to walk on leash and would make a great jogging partner. Cricket is a very smart girl with a willingness to learn. She could live with children and would enjoy being around them because she loves attention. She’s fun and playful with other friendly dogs but a home with no kitties would be best for her.  Ms Cricket LOVES TOYS and she loves to shake, to squeak and to run with them!!
While at her former shelter, Cricket’s good behavior earned her an outing to an off-site event and she had THE best time!  Lots of kids, adults and other dogs mixed and mingled and took advantage of the live band that entertained all.  Cricket was very much in her element as she took in all the new, exciting sights, sounds and smells.    At any given point in time, she was getting swarmed by folks who wished to meet her…adults and kids alike.  She was like a big ol’ sponge soaking up all the attention she could get.  She was a huge hit!! Cricket also rode wonderfully in the car going to and from the event. She was totally calm and enjoyed her ride, stretched out on the back seat of the car like a queen!
Cricket would make such a wonderful addition to a home looking for a fun loving, happy go lucky dog like her. Check her out and see if this pretty, loving young girl might be a perfect fit – she’s hoping her forever home will come along soon!