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  • FEIST/BOXER MIX;  Sleek tan coat, white tipped feet, black muzzle.  About 35lbs.
  • ADULT FEMALE;  Est DOB: December 2018
  • ARRIVAL: January 18, 2020
  • HISTORY:  Daffodil was found as a stray and brought to a high kill shelter.  When space became an issue, we spoke up for her.
  • No cats for me please!
  • SPECIAL NOTE:  Already Daffodil has touched many lives here at the Sanctuary.  As such,  enjoy reading thoughts/observations from several different Daffodil fans!

Volunteer Comment: This pocket sized little girl is already melting hearts around the sanctuary!  Daffodil is super sweet and affectionate and loves humans as much as she loves to play.  It’s a joy to watch her toss plush toys up in the air and then catch them. Just a year old, she is great at self-entertaining.  Smart too!  In a very short training session, she learned ‘sit’ and ‘down’. We think you’ll agree that though Daffodil is petite in size, she’s big in personality. Come by and meet her soon.

Volunteer Comment: Kissy and Huggy!  I’m the perfect size love bug for any lap, big or small!  Need a facial,  I’m your girl!  Howdy folks, it’s me Daffodil!  This sleek jacketed bundle of playful energy and plenty of love would love to have you over for a play date!  Feel free to bring along one of your current doggie friends as I am always happy to broaden my circle of 4 legged friends.  Have kids?  Well gosh,  be sure to bring them along to meet me as well as they will immediately adore me.   Outgoing, affectionate and craving human attention ask for this pretty little flower today!  Thank you, Daffodil

Staff Comment: Puppy, puppy, puppy – everything about her just screams puppy to me.  Cute as a button, Daffodil is curious and adventurous and I think up for just about anything.  In the arena, she was a bit of a busy body sniffing everything, racing around, flipping stuffies up in the air and catching them but then having recently arrived, it was understandable.  Everything was new and exciting and all toys needed to be activated ASAP!  She nicely checked and left some of that energy and started to focus on me once I got her back in her pen.   In no time, she showed herself to be quite the smart cookie.  I did some brief table-work with her of sit, and even got her to respond to the down command with some leading. In there she let me give her some pets and was super sweet.  She has lots of energy and needs to go to an active home probably preferably with a fenced yard so she can run off her energy in addition to a couple of walks daily.   I think she’d be a great candidate for agility training as well – petite, athletic and very curious!  Being smaller, she is easy enough to handle when walking just on leash, but we have given her a harness lead which makes a leash walk all the more pleasant.