Dallas Feb 5




  • SHEPHERD MIX – 75 Lbs.
  • ADULT MALE: Est DOB: 2008
  • ARRIVAL: August 2013
  • HISTORY: Rescued from a high kill shelter when his time was up. He arrived as a stray there and a gimpy front leg.
  • Best in a home without small children.
  • House and crate trained.
  • Excellent with cats.
  • Dallas was adopted out from us and returned as one of the several dogs in his home was getting on his nerves and Dallas was getting on this pet’s nerves. Dallas was in this home for 2 years and was great with the other family pets including cats! This one particular dog has more of a reputation for getting persnickety so we feel Dallas will be fine in another new home stocking welcoming pets!
  • MEDICAL NOTE:  Dallas is a happy, healthy dog. When he arrived as a stray at the high kill shelter, he had a gimp front paw. It was not clear if he had stepped on something to cause the raging infection he had causing the limp. Several surgeries later and the vets have not been able to really pin-point the cause of his front gimp leg as a result, so we chose to have his front leg removed. The poor guy had endured so many surgeries and there was no real end in sight. Since his successful surgery, Dallas has even more pep and feel good energy about him. He’s getting along like the champ we always knew he was!

Spending time with Dallas is like experiencing life through the eyes of a child. He approaches every new experience with a cheerful and exuberant curiosity that makes you happy and intrigued to have him by your side. Although he is missing a front leg, that doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest as he runs, jumps and plays like any 4 legged dog. There’s no stopping this waggy tailed fellow!

Dallas enjoys all food, and "bite size" toys like his pet fox, but prefers spending time with the people he loves. You see, although he is quite energetic and playful, he knows the importance of quiet – one on one – time with those he forms a special bond with. Lap time and deep cuddle time with his human following a romp with his favorite toy or doggy playmate, is one of his favorite times of the day!

Once Dallas forms a bond with you he is a loyal and lifetime friend. He has an unprecedented memory unlike any animal we’ve ever seen. Once he remembered playing with a cat laser toy well over a year since he had last seen one. He walked up to the volunteer that had played "tag" with him previously and looked at his hand as if to say, "Where is it!" and proceeded to search the floor excitedly for the laser light. Just like that laser, once he forms a bond with you you will be in his heart and mind forever.

Dallas is a good choice for a family with older kids, cats and other dogs who are looking for companionship. He is a strong playmate so he’ll need a more sturdy dog to share his playpen with as he bows down to start a game of wrestling and running and chasing. Dallas craves attention so be prepared to have a pet who will want to climb up into your lap and follow you around. He aims to be your second shadow and can’t wait to fill that role. Carefree and very lovable, Dallas is a winner inside and out!

Extreme Foster SleepOver to Beat the Heat July 17: Dallas is such a lovebug. He followed me around almost constantly, and liked to lay at my feet. He got along great with my husband, too. If my husband stopped petting him, Dallas would nudge his hand to continue. This boy is incredibly smart as well. After watching our other dogs use the doggie door, Dallas hopped right through. It took many days and lots of treats to train our own dogs how to do this. When we left the house for a couple of hours, I would put him in his crate just to be safe. After the first time that I gave him a large biscuit in his crate, he knew that a big bone meant he should go stand by his crate. Dallas is very cooperative and let me trim his nails and even give him a bath. I can’t say he was pleased about the bath, but he stood for it with minimal complaint. He loves to play with stuffed animals, and he’s very gentle with them. When I held the nylabone for him, he enjoyed gnawing on it. Not being able to hold a bone upright was one of the only things I saw that this tripawd had a problem with. I really think his name should be Dulles, instead of Dallas, because that boy can fly! Three legs doesn’t hold him back one bit. This sweet bundle of love deserves a good home. I hope he finds it soon.