• HOUND- Black and tan, medium-length hair, heart-melting brown eyes.  32lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 12/2016
  • ARRIVAL: 12/16/2017
  • HISTORY: Dancer was rescued, along with nineteen other hounds, from terrible living conditions. The H.O.W.S. Project here in Central Virginia brought three of the dogs to Caring for Creatures just before Christmas. Despite their previous treatment from humans, all three dogs were very sweet if a little shy when they arrived.

Now that Dancer knows she is safe and well cared for, she is friendly and outgoing. She gets along beautifully with her two pen mates, Comet and Prancer, who came with her from the H.O.W.S. Project. She has a calm demeanor even though she’s only a year old. Dancer is a gentle beauty who walks well on a leash. She behaves herself indoors and outdoors, and was very polite when introduced to our office cat. Dancer is quite people-oriented and eager to please so she should excel when it comes to learning basic commands and following your guidance.  Dancer is not a jumper: she stands or sits quietly when greeting people.  We feel she’s a good match for a home with other easy going dogs and kids who can keep her involved with the family unit. This girl is a gem!

UPDATE: Dancer is quite assertive when it’s treat time. While she gets along fine with her pen-mates, and with the other dogs at CFC, she can be dominant especially where food is concerned. She would do best in a home without another dominant female.