• Lab mix; black with small white spot on chest
  • ADULT FEMALE; EST DOB: March 2020
  • ARRIVAL: December 2, 2020
  • HISTORY:  Darby was an owner surrender.

Darby is a young black lab mix who we estimate to be about a year old.  The first thing you’ll notice about Darby is how happy and full of energy she is.  When you approach her pen she gets really excited, to the point of jumping around and barking!  Don’t let this put you off, though, because Darby is a totally different dog when she’s on the leash.  She walks calmly and is easy to direct, even when she smells something that interests her.  Darby also loves to run.  She likes fetch, but is happy to just run for the sake of running.  She gets pretty overwhelmed and distracted by all the sights, sounds, and smells of the shelter, particularly when other dogs are involved, so we recommend a slow, gradual introduction if you have an existing pet.  Darby is a playful, energetic dog who would thrive in an active family willing to give her lots of exercise and take her on adventures.  We think she would make a perfect jogging or hiking companion.  If her boundless energy and enthusiasm seems like a bit much at first, don’t fret!  She is super smart and a quick learner, so some obedience lessons and training will go a long way with her.  Does this playful, active dog seem like the adventure buddy for you?  Submit an application at caringforcreatures.org/adopt!