DAVE- Vet Pet Pick!





  • TREEING WALKING COONHOUND; Tri-colored fellow sporting a sleek cream jacket, tan ears and cap; black strip around his shoulder area.  About 45lbs.
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: 2012
  • ARRIVAL: December 30, 2018
  • HISTORY:   Dave was surrendered to us by a local hunter when he was no longer able to fulfill his role as a hunting dog.
  • MEDICAL NOTE: Dave has successfully completed heartworm treatment, but as a result he has a lingering cough. Our vet assures us the cough is not dangerous to Dave or contagious to other pets.
Introducing Dave! Many will remember Dave as our dapper dog model for our Greenberry’s Coffee promotion earlier this year. This gentle, quiet fellow has a calming effect on everyone he meets. He loves to be touched and held. If you allow him, he will prove that even big dogs can fit on a lap. When he first arrived at CFC, Dave was paired with one of our shyest residents, and he brought out the best in her. Play-wrestling on their table, Dave would roll over to let her “win” every time. Look up “Good Dog” in the dictionary, and the definition might be “Dave.”
Before coming to CFC, Dave lived his entire life as a hunting dog and had no experience as a pet. With that in mind, it’s remarkable how respectful he was inside his temporary foster home. He appears to be housebroken, and he slept through the night on his dog bed. He will gladly sleep all day on the sofa–“Dave” might also be the definition of “Couch Potato.” He did not bark at all in the week he spent with his foster family. He gets along with other dogs, including small dogs, and he would do well with kids. Dave also could potentially live with a dog-savvy cat, especially with proper introductions and time. He responds to gentle verbal corrections and will quickly stop unwanted behavior once told. He does not pull when walking on leash, he loves everyone he meets, and he has the most expressive tail, wagging like a whirlygig when he sees you coming his way.
Dave is ready to live the rest of his years as a beloved family member. He will do best in a patient home that will give him time to settle in at his own pace. Dave takes a passive/submissive approach with some things that are still new to him (for example, his initial encounters with getting in the car or crossing the patio to the yard). With patience and encouragement as he gains confidence, Dave will thrive. Once in the car, he loves car rides. Once past the patio and in the yard, he loves frolicking in the grass. He just needs the right person to help him get there. Could you be that person? Come meet Dave today!