Donovan 8




  • COLLIE/HOUND/STBERNARD MIX;  Medium length, semi fluffy cream coat accented with tan and black patches on the side and hip area.  White racing stripe running up the face, dark tan mask around the eye and dark tan ears.
  • ADULT MALE:  Est DOB: 2012
  • HISTORY: Way back on January 27th animal control picked Donavan up as a stray and took him to the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina. And there he sat in a small kennel for over seven months waiting for someone, anyone, to please take him home. But his adorable looks and charming ways were just not enough to overcome the fact that he was heartworm positive.
    Then on September 11th, an amazing thing happened: he was chosen by a rescue! Caring for Creatures in Virginia offered to take him, but help would be needed  for his heartworm treatment costs. The Darlington shelter asked the folks at RADAR to help, and thanks to their supporters, they agreed! Because Donavan’s heartworms were more extensive, he had to get two separate treatments on October 17th and November 14th. Thank goodness that’s done!

Hello, it’s me, Donavan! Although Mr. Patience might be a better name for me since I have been described as the doggy with the most patience ever! I’m a pretty laid-back guy. Folks might say I have a friendly, “Southern” approach to life and other pets as I greet them nicely and always with a big, fluffy wagging tail! I smile a lot and folks love hugging me. I’m about five years old, and if I had to guess, I would say I have a parent who was part Collie, and maybe a Hound or two and perhaps even a Saint Bernard in my lineage as well. I’m a good match for a family currently stocked with other dogs and kids, and likely cats as well.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER: Donavan is truly an awesome dog! I’m actually kind of shocked that he wasn’t scooped up sooner by a rescue. He is stunningly handsome. He is house trained. Does well on a lead.  Inside he is a very quiet, mellow dog but outside he loves to go on walks! I think he’s definitely up for outdoor adventures. I have 2 outdoor kitties. Sometimes he wants to chase; other times not so much. When he does want to chase, I believe it’s because they run. But he is easily distracted. I don’t believe he wants to hurt them but just having fun.  He gets along great with all of my dogs- plus any fosters that have come through. He is besties with the neighbor’s dog that runs loose sometimes. He likes a warm blanket. While he’s not a big chewer, he does like a bone or toy to chew on every now and then. He has never met kids with me but has met my neighbors- loves them. I feel he could be a good choice for kids. Overall he has very good house manners. Only caution I would say for him is in giving him treats- he LOVES treats and will sometimes take it too quickly from my hand.