• HOUND MIX; Black/white, brown eyebrows, brown inner thighs, half white on left side of nose.
  • BABY FEMALE; DOB: June 3, 2019. Born at the Sanctuary to Mom Tulip. Littermates: Kelso, Fez, Laurie, Hyde and Jackie.
  • ARRIVAL: June 3, 2019
  • HISTORY: Mom Tulip was trapped as a wandering stray in the community end of May. Shortly after her arrival, she delivered her biggest surprise of all to us…a litter of 6 fantastic pups!

Puppy Mom, Tulip, came to us after being trapped by some good Samaritans after weeks of noticing her roaming around their home.  She was skinny, and shy, and scared – and as time went on, they discovered she was also pregnant!  Tulip arrived at CFC and gave birth to this adorable littler of 6 hound mix pups on June 3, 2019.   They spend their days as most pups do – romping with each other, eating, attaching themselves to their exhausted mommy, and of course napping in the sweetest manner anyone has ever seen.  Since being born here at the sanctuary, their mom has been kind about allowing visitors to love on her adorable babies from day one.  All of them make these silly grunting noises when being picked up, but as you pull them in close to your chest, they settle in for some snuggles and will even reward you with kisses.  Their unique personalities are still developing and coming out more and more each and every day, but one thing that is certain is that with their enormous ears, wrinkled faces and droopy hound eyes, they are cute as can be.  While Donna can sometimes present herself to be a bit timid in new situations, she is still cautiously curious and exploratory. Submit an application today and them come on out to meet these precious cuties!