• BEAGLE;  Sleek light tan coat, tan saddle on back, cream on chest and around muzzle.  24lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE;  Est DOB:  August 2016
  • ARRIVAL:  February 17, 2018
  • HISTORY: Edith was turned in as a stray at a shelter in South Carolina. After being treated for “cherry eye,” Edith made her way north to us at CFC.

Folks call me a “Cute little bundle of love,”  and I can’t argue.  I’m all of this and even more!!   Sweet and mild mannered,   I’m very friendly and love playing with other dogs and get along with cats too!  My first pen mate Emma, has already been adopted so now, I live with Timothy, who is the oldest dog here. What an honor!  He’s showing me the ropes and does a great job at guiding me around all of the trails here.  Since I love the company of other dogs so much,  my special request in my new home is that I have another dog who will be my best buddy. Perhaps you already have someone in mind for me?

I’m about as easy-going as they get and while some dogs might find plush toys intriguing,  I’m really into the dog toys which are interactive and challenge me to push and pull and tweak to get at the treat inside!  I’ll tell you, my photos do not do me justice as my amber colored eyes will just amaze you in person!

At just a year old and only 24 pounds, folks also say I’m the perfect size for laps and my temperament is great for kids of all ages.   I can be fast on my feet at times, so folks will need to be mindful of my slipping out a door under the care of a small child.  I also have a special talent, which is scaling six-foot fences! I can jump ten times my height and I climb like Spider Man, so I would be best in a home where I was not left outside unattended.   Putting aside my athleticism, at the end of the day,  I’m still one of the cutest little dogs who loves nothing better than to be held and loved on.    Hoping you’ll stop by soon for some of my incredible hugs and cuddle sessions.