• LAB- Sleek black coat with some white around the muzzle area. About 60lbs.
  • SENIOR LAB- Est DOB: 2012
  • ARRIVAL:  July 11, 2020
  • HISTORY:  Eli had been languishing for months in a NC shelter and when the shelter closed due to Covid-19, Eli was quickly running out of options.  We spoke up for him before it was too late.

We are absolutely thrilled to formally introduce you to our amazing Eli!

These days Eli can’t seem to stop smiling, and here’s why: To say that 2020 has been a tough year for many of us would be an understatement, and Eli is no exception. Eli came to us from a shelter in North Carolina where he had been languishing for months. Due to COVID-19, that shelter closed, and Eli, stressed from shelter life, needed to get out. To make matters worse, Eli was sick with tick-related illnesses and heartworms. Things were looking bleak, and the shelter put out a call for help on his behalf. Eli’s luck changed dramatically when CFC spoke up for him and welcomed him to the sanctuary. When word spread of this new development, donations poured in from all over the U.S. to cover his medical treatment. After his mandatory rest and recuperation, Eli recently received a clean bill of health, and he is more than ready to embark on the next leg of his journey.

Eli is an older lab mix, but don’t let his adorable graying brows and beard fool you–he has plenty of energy and desire to go and do and play and go and do some more. Eli is a good-natured, gentle, friendly, and playful yet easy-going guy who loves people (and the treats they dole out!), going for walks, playing with toys of all kinds, and fetching tennis balls. When people approach his pen, he leans his whole body against the fencing to create maximum exposure for receiving pets. He loves to collect toys in the exercise arena and will gently hand them to you if you want to join in on the fun.

We’re hoping Eli’s year will continue on this positive trend and wind up much better than it started. He has one more obstacle to overcome: finding a home of his own! With his sweet temperament and playful demeanor, we think Eli would fit in well with just about any family situation–you name it, Eli’s your guy. If you have another dog, we’d be happy to set up a meet-and-greet to make sure everyone agrees it’s a good fit. Don’t wait! Contact Caring For Creatures now to set up a time to meet this special boy. You won’t be disappointed.

Staff Update Dec 2020: Eli is an eight year old lab mix who has been at CFC for the better part of a year. When I first started working as part of the animal care team, Eli was recovering from heartworm. He had to have indoor “quiet time” for most of the day and was clearly not feeling like himself! He has since made a full recovery and the difference is night and day. Eli has the energy of a much younger dog and gets excited whenever someone approaches his pen. Enter and he will likely reward you by wrapping his front legs around your waist. He loves visitors almost as much as he loves walks and loves walks almost as much as he loves food. He seems to get along well with other dogs and is a quick learner when it comes to training and cues. Eli is a happy, adaptable dog that would make a welcome addition to most homes, assuming he’s given time to acclimate.