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  • PIT MIX; Brindle and white with striking light blue eyes.
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 2012
  • ARRIVAL: December 1, 2017
  • HISTORY: Elsa was adopted from CFC in January of 2015 at the age of three. She lived in a family with another dog, several cats, and small children. She and the other dog were inseparable buddies, and Elsa was friendly with everyone at the dog park. Recently the other dog passed away. Then the family lost their home due to a fire, and had to move into a motel. Due to the stress of these events, Elsa began showing signs of aggression toward the cats. The owners decided to return her. We feel pretty confident that Elsa will overcome her issues with cats once she is in a stable environment once again.   Note: Elsa was originally found July 2014 wandering at the top of the Sanctuary driveway complete with a shiny red harness and a leash dragging behind her.

Hi, this is Elsa here! I am back at CFC after living in a loving home for nearly three years. I am very friendly and loving. No matter where I go or what I’m doing, my tail is wagging a mile a minute. It was even wagging when all the other dogs at CFC were barking at the “new kid in town.” I like to have snuggle time, and I love to go for walks. I brought my own special blanket with me from my former home, and I hope I can bring it to a new home very soon. I hope you’ll come out to meet me and look into these big blue eyes.

More about me from my Volunteer Friend: Tap Dancing Doggie! Elsa is a swift, tap dancing little lady whenever she sees folks coming her way. Very animated and SO eager to meet YOU, her whole body wiggles with great anticipation as she prepares for your arrival. A skilled face cleaner and lap denizen, Elsa has THE most stunning pale blue eyes which are literally out of this world! Sporting a lovely white and brindle jacket, Elsa is athletic and yes, spirited but not in a crazy way. A happy, playful interactor with other dogs, Elsa loves heading out for walks but is very drawn to hang out inside and be with her people. Never meeting a stranger, this sweet, self-entertaining love bug, simply can’t wait to impress you with her pets skills.

Foster Update January 2018: Elsa is loving her sleepovers! Carmen reports that “Elsa is doing great! She’s pretty easy and sweet! She’s a big snuggle pup. We ran in the cold weather yesterday and she didn’t complain…she does like to chase squirrels though, ha. My kids and I are enjoying her”. Before this, Elsa enjoyed a sleepover with CFC volunteer, Brandy, who bought her the purple fleece coat she’s wearing in one of her pictures since she didn’t care much for her old one.