• HOUND MIX; Black and tan
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 7/2017
  • ARRIVAL: January 10, 2020
  • HISTORY: Emilie was found in the woods by people who were on a retreat and visiting from out-of-state. These kind people heard an animal in distress and searched for two days before finding Emilie and contacting CFC for help. They requested we name her “Emilie” in memory of a mentor of theirs who was a great lover of animals.

Meet Emilie! Some might say she is the happiest girl on the planet, and her joyful, exuberant spirit has a way of rubbing off on anyone who happens to glance her way. She wiggles and dances in delight when she sees a person passing by, giving her best performance in the hopes of drawing them in so she can receive some cuddles, or pets, or snacks, or a walk, or some playtime – it doesn’t really matter, as long as she can be the center of attention. Not only does she have personality to boot, but Emilie’s petite frame and slender face framed by enormous, floppy hound ears are about too much to resist. When she isn’t vying for someone’s attention, Emilie can be found romping around her pen, entertaining herself with some squeaky stuffies – bouncily bounding all over the place. Emilie has also already made friends with other CFC residents and enjoys going for walk-dates, so if it’s a social butterfly you’re looking for, then Emilie may just be your girl. A lover of all humans, we feel Emilie would do well in an active home with an adventurous family who possibly has some children to shower her with all of the attention and love she so deserves. Come on out today and see this amazing lady for yourself…she promises you won’t regret it!