Meet Caren F. Catz!

Name the Caring For Creatures Welcome Kitty!

Meet Caren F. Catz!  The winning entry was submitted by Cindy Booker!  Cindy volunteers here at CFC where she spends her time helping to socialize our many kitties.  Cindy wins her own ‘copy cat’ version of Caren F. Catz!  Congratulations Cindy!

A huge thank you goes out to all of you for your wonderful entries!  Your participation in our Name the Kitty Contest helps all the animals who currently call CFC home.


 “Approximately 17 years ago I made a fiberglass cat for the Scratching Post sign when the new building was built. When I was visiting the other day, I realized the cat was in great need of a makeover. I asked Mary if I could “foster” the kitty for a while and give it a little tender loving care. When I originally made the cat, I had never made a fiberglass sculpture, I decided I wanted to build up the face details a little more and the ears. Since I had the fiberglass materials out, I figured why not try my hand at another sculpture and make a mini Copy Cat of the original Scratching Post kitty. I’m still figuring out how to sculpt in such a difficult medium, but I must say, it does last a long time outside as the original cat sculpture was in good shape other than needing a good painting and one repair from a weed whacker accident!

Inspired by The Parakeet and the Mermaid by Henri Matisse the design on both cats have a little hidden surprise or two. This colorful design will brighten up the garden in front of the Scratching Post and the lucky person who ends up with the Copy Cat can place the cat near a tree or porch post for many years of enjoyment.”

Cheryl Falkenburry