Erin 18




  • DSH, Light gray with some buff on face, Polydactyl
  • YOUNG FEMALE; DOB 10/21/2018
  • ARRIVAL:  October 21, 2018
  • HISTORY: Mom, Ellie came to CFC as a stray and gave birth to four beautiful kittens.

It will be as plain as the nose on your face, or as the extra toes on her paws, that Erin’s cute little elfin body contains a huge personality.  This beautiful, born at CFC polydactyl girl is a keeper.  Just watching her play is a blast.  She and her buff buddy Aspen race by with Aspen in the lead and Erin close behind.  Wait a moment and here they come again, with roles reversed and Aspen in hot pursuit.  She has an abundance of energy and expends tons of it on chasing balls and other toys, sometimes without anybody else being involved in the play.  She’s a spunky gal and even some of the stronger personalities in her room don’t intimidate her.  She’s not a trouble maker but she’s not a pushover either.  When she winds down from romping she enjoys a lap and has been known to “belly up” there as she is caressed and told what a good girl she is.  When she sits at your feet and looks up pleadingly for attention it’s pretty much impossible not to fall for her charm and beauty.  Come on up here baby girl!  Erin would adore your visiting her and is hoping that she will soon have her very own loving family.  To borrow from the Irish saying, “Erin go bragh” which means Ireland forever, she’s praying that you will say “Erin forever.”