Every day is a bucket list day!

Midnight and Luna collage

Just imagine these two lovely girls living in this box. They did – before being discovered by a neighbor and taken to a high kill shelter by animal control. Their ‘house’ had no windows or door, and the only way they got food and water was by someone sliding bowls under the ‘door’ of the box.

You would think that after living in these awful conditions, that Luna (light-colored) and Midnight (black) would not be friendly, but these girls have not allowed their previous situation to dim their dispositions. To them, today is a whole new day and they are loving, sweet, well-adjusted girls! Both of them are friendly with people and other dogs (male and female). Midnight could share her home with friendly kitties but Luna would sooner have a ‘kittyless’ home. Midnight is bonded with Luna and often looks to her for cues. Luna on the other hand is a more independent lady. Both walk well on a leash and are between 1 and 2 years old.

We’d love to see Luna and Midnight in great forever homes, or maybe even the same home! They are both on the smaller side ( Luna around 30lbs and Midnight around 40lbs) and would be very happy to be adopted out together.