FREYA- Vet Pet Pick!





  • MOUNTAIN CUR/SHEPARD MIX; Sleek brindle jacket, white chest, white tipped feet. About 50lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 8/2013
  • ARRIVAL: March 4, 2017.  Due to no fault of her own,  Freya has lost her home and is back on the “pet market.”  She is actively interviewing for her new home again.  January 2019
  • HISTORY: Freya was an owner surrender at a high kill shelter and arrived with a huge ear hematoma. Although in a tremendous amount of pain, she was incredibly sweet and patient in getting care at the local vet. She is now fully healed. Despite her excellent pet interviewing skills, she was never selected for adoption. When space became an issue, we spoke up for her.

Adopted from CFC a little over a year ago, Freya’s family situation has changed and, through no fault of her own, Freya finds herself in need of a new home. Sad and heartbroken, her family has asked us to please find a good home for sweet Freya.

Freya would do well in a home already stocked with kids and even a family cat. She has had issues when introduced to other dogs even though she initially acts like she wants to play. Freya is completely house trained and was not destructive or had accidents even when left alone all day while her family was at work. She’s great with kids and made friends with all the neighborhood children. Freya really just wants to please and loved being close to a family member at all times. She and the family cat were known to sometimes sleep on the same bed, and Freya would have loved it if the cat would have played with her instead of hissing.

A goofy girl, she snaps her mouth open and closed quickly resulting in a smacking sound when she wants something. Freya rarely barks but will let you know if someone is at the door or will bark when she hears a dog on the TV.  Freya can be very mellow but also high energy. Quick and agile, she would love a home with a fenced in yard and plenty of room to run off leash. She also loves the water and car rides! Please consider offering this wonderful girl a forever home.

Volunteer Thought: Not just a girl’s best friend! Our Freya wants to be everyone’s very best friend and she’s ready to “friend” you NOW! Freya is a playful, friendly, lively lady who just wants to have some fun! Freya loves people.  She loves her toys and loves to stretch out her long brindle legs and feel the wind in her fur!  Freya is YOUR go-to girl if you’re looking to add a well balanced, experienced pet to your home. She’s a great choice if you have kids, if you’re looking for an attentive, affectionate pet and/or if you’re looking for a match for a cat already in your home. Diamond has never met a stranger and did we mention, she’s ready to “friend” YOU now? LOL

Mini Field Trip Update April 2017: I was the Chosen One to head out on a field trip to local WCHV Charlottesville radio station where I got to meet with morning news personality, Joe Thomas to discuss me (of course) and also CFC! I did a great job riding around in the car and then you should have seen how cool and calm I was as I hopped in the radio station elevator to assist Joe with his morning show.  See my off site photo in the photo gallery.