• HOUND/BULLY Mix; Sleek tan coat with white chest blazes and white socks.
  • MALE BABY: Est DOB November 1, 2018
  • ARRIVAL: January 22, 2019
  • HISTORY: This litter of pups was surrendered to CFC when their family could no longer care for them. There are 3 females (Winter, Mary and Faith) and 6 males (Rudolph, Frost, Claus, Jasper, Gabriel and Joseph).

We’re having a puppy palooza and YOU are invited to get in on the fun! More recently, we were surprised with 9 super darling, cute plus puppies who suddenly found themselves homeless. Well, bah humbug to that as the puppies are safe and warm with us now!! These hound/bully mixes are now looking to interview for their first ever full time pet positions.

Arriving a little overwhelmed and a wee but shy, our staff and volunteers have been socializing and playing with them daily to help them gain confidence. Already, we are seeing huge strides in their eagerness to come up and say “Hi” and make themselves comfortable in our laps. They are still a little more reserved than what you might expect from a group of 9 puppies which can be a great thing! More mild in a manner, word on the street is that none of them are pulling on your hair, grabbing at your shoelaces or randomly piercing your hands with their tiny little teeth! LOL. They are sweet little nuggets hoping you’ll come on by and add them to your family!

Extreme Sleepover January 31:  With an arctic blast of wintery cold descending upon us,  Gabriel and Joseph were lucky enough to be selected to head home to a temporary foster home where the party has just begun!   This fun, friendly pair quickly made themselves comfortable and took full advantage of all the soft, warm spots to sink down into making sure to include resident dog,  Toby in all the fun and games and play time!   See just a slice of the puppy action in the photo gallery below!