Gordie 3




  • WEST HIGHLAND TERRIER; (AKC registration papers available).  Fluffy cream colored jacket.
  • BABY MALE; DOB: November 5, 2017
  • ARRIVAL: February 1, 2018
  • HISTORY: Gordon was purchased from a breeder and surrendered to us three days later when the owner developed unexpected health issues (unrelated to the dog).

Yes, I’m the dog on the cover the Caesar’s Dog Food container. And I really am that cute! You’ll take one look at me and say, “That is a ridiculously cute puppy.” I love to GO GO GO until I fall over and drop off to sleep. People are wonderful, and I want to be near them all the time. I like to have my belly scratched, and I’m very good at giving little puppy kisses. I’m white, fluffy, adorable, and I even smell good! I met a fellow puppy while here at CFC and we had a good time saying hello through our fences. (But he’s a little too big and strong to play with.) My favorite thing to do is RUN RUN RUN as fast as I can from the kitchen to the office and back again. My favorite toy is a squeaky ball that I beat up for hours. When I’m happy my short little tail goes a mile a minute. And when my little tail gets wagging, you can’t help but laugh. I am perfect for romping and playing, but I am also the ultimate cuddle dog. I would fit perfectly beside you on the couch, in your lap, or in your arms.

I was very excited when I left the breeder to go to my very own home. It wasn’t my fault they had to surrender me, and they were very sorry to give me up. When I first arrived at CFC, word spread like wildfire. All the volunteers came in to see “that adorable puppy everyone’s talking about.” I’m keeping my paws crossed, hoping my next family will keep me forever.