• DSH- Orange and White Tabby. About 10lbs
  • SENIOR MALE- Est DOB: February 2011
  • ARRIVAL:  February 18, 2020
  • HISTORY:  Grant arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter in May of 2019.   More recently, Grant was getting very depressed and his health was suffering as a result. With goopy eyes and inflamed gums,  we spoke up for him and were lucky enough to get him in foster care for 3 weeks where he has done an incredible job and is now looking and feeling so much better.

Grant is hoping you will GRANT his wish…..a wish for a new home.  This smaller framed senior is just as delightful as they come, friendly, mild in manner and ready to slowly sink down into your lap for a state of blissful snooze time.

Life has not always been an easy street for Grant but he has gotten by and is grateful for whatever may come his way.  When we learned about his plight and how he was really struggling due to the shelter environment,  we knew we had to speak up for him.

Arriving at his foster home with goopy eyes, very irritated gums and acting very meek, exhausted and withdrawn, it didn’t take long for Grant to realize he was in a safe space and he could kick back and enjoy his good fortune. In no time,  he was out and about and his eyes, gums and spirit were all clearly showing signs of healing.   Even poor Grant’s coat which was coarse and dull started to soften up!

It’s been a pleasure to hear about what interests Grant and makes him smile.  Yes, cats DO smile!  His favorite napping place (outside of the human lap) is a felted igloo which he deftly hops down inside.  If he hears someone coming his way, he will curiously pop his head up and out of the igloo like a periscope to check out his visitor.   He enjoys swatting and chasing soft objects around on the floor, loves his cardboard double wide scratching pad and is often seen batting balls around til they surrender to him!  Grant is very much a people person and prefers saying hello to his person FIRST before he digs into a new bowl of Fancy Feast just placed before him. Now THAT is loving your human!  Grant loves being pet all over and will tolerate being carried around and held for a very short period of time.  He has a soft, steady purr and when he is in full rest/relaxation mode and draped in your lap, be prepared for some kitty drool to develop around his mouth and then hit your lap!

Grant is a pretty fearless, unflappable sort.  He quickly adapted to his foster home and seemed to enjoy exploring around.  Of note,  he is very accepting of dogs and walked right between the front legs of the resident dog (60lb black lab) before the senior dog even knew what had happened.   Grant brings to the pet table everything you would want in a feline companion.  He’s sweet, doting, loving and very accepting.  He does not ask for much except some TLC, a warm place to crash (YOUR lap) and some yummy, softer food.  Help grant Grant’s wish of a new home by stopping by today to see how perfect he is for you.