• HOUND; Tri-colored; Black saddle, cream legs, tan on face and hip area.
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: January 2017
  • ARRIVAL: July 21, 2018
  • HISTORY: Greta was pulled from an abusive hoarder and found herself at a high kill shelter that had run out of space. Arriving nearly starved along with 13 other hounds, she slowly regained her strength only to learn she had no place to go and was out of time. We spoke up for her saving her life, again!

Just add water and watch the fun begin! Our petite little hound girl Greta adds a whole new dimension in terms of dogs who love water. We had an inkling of her love for cool, wet spots when we saw her cute little smiling face relaxing in a mud puddle not realizing her time was up at the county shelter where she had arrived. How could we possibly pass her over (so of course we spoke up for her!) and today, she is just pure joy to hang out with! She now has her own personal pool to cool off in and should it be out of commission, well her drinking bucket will suit her just fine. She’ll try to wiggle down in it and why yes, it then quickly topples over. Her labby roommate Hayden, surely laughs at her antics! To watch the two of them run and play and enjoy each other’s company is simply THE best way to pass time.

Greta had a pretty grim start in life but you would never know it in meeting her. She is happy, playful, spirited, fun and simply fabulous. Never meeting a stranger, albeit a human or other dogs, she is personality plus and is ready to live life to the fullest. Greta is interactive and energetic and would be perfect for an active family who loves to go and do and hike and explore. Anything water will earn you extra points in her book! Greta loves stretching her legs and boy, can she run like the wind!  Adding a rope toy to the mix for to carry around is simply icing on the cake for her.  As she made her way to our Sanctuary, she proudly held the position of “co-pilot” in her transport car and soaked up all the sights. She’s ready for her new pet adventure.

Greta has always been around a lot of others dogs and really, really enjoys their company. She operates well in packs making her a good choice for dog parks. Everyone is Greta’s new and very best friend! Her energy level might be a tad too much for tiny little kids as she might accidentally knock them over but otherwise, she has a disposition which is perfect for kids. Greta loves toys and perhaps a wee bit too much as she is a shredder! Stuffed toys are quickly disemboweled so stuffed Kongs are a better match to work her brain and her nimble, curious mouth.

Every day is a “bucket list” day for Greta. She is always smiling and wagging her tail and very grateful for all the care she is now receiving. You can’t help but feel how happy she is and see how eager she is to please you. We think she’s the best! Come see for yourself.