Gryffen – A big boy with an even bigger heart!

Gryffen 7 Jan When Gryffen’s family lost their home due to foreclosure, he, and his Jack Russell companion, Tinkerbell were “returned” to their original rescue which is no longer operational.   With Tinkerbell re-homed, we spoke up for Gryffen.  A big baby at heart, Gryffen is definitely a follower, not a leader.  He looks to other dogs to guide him and show him the way.  When left to his own devices, he seems lost and confused.  With his penmate, Ginger, getting adopted, Gryffen is not smiling a lot these days.

Gryffen would do best in a home with another smaller dog.  He is fully house broken and will reliably hold it for 8-10 hours. He does not need to be crated as he shows no destructive tendencies. Gryffen has no food aggression with people or dogs. He readily shared his food dish with Tinkerbell. He takes treats very gently from your hand. Gryffen has lived with children who were 6-10 years old with no issues, and even though he is large in size, he is easy to walk and pays close attention to his human’s instructions.

Please help Gryffen smile again.  You’ll find him to be a playful, loyal, devoted companion!