• CHOCOLATE LAB; 80lbs
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: 2010
  • ARRIVAL: January 21, 2017
  • HISTORY:  Gryffen’s family recently lost their home due to foreclosure.  He, and his Jack Russell companion, Tinkerbell were “returned” to their original rescue which is no longer operational.   With Tinkerbell recently re-homed,  we spoke up for Gryffen.

Gryffen sports a luxurious deep brown coat with white tipped toes and a white blaze on his chest.  Weighing approximately 80 pounds, he is healthy and happy and ready to start his new life!  He has lived with big & small female dogs just fine. He has lived with one small male dog and did well, so he should be good with male dogs as well. He has had limited exposure to cats. He will initially chase, but quickly bores of it and then gets along amicably with cats, so living with cats shouldn’t be an issue as long as he is properly introduced. Gryffen would do best in a home with at least one other dog. He is definitely a follower, not a leader. He looks to other dogs to guide him and show him the way. When left to his own devices, he seems lost & confused. He is quite adorable with Tinkerbell the tiny JRT mix, as he totally lets her rule the roost and call all the shots! He gets a lot of comfort in knowing that Tinkerbell is running things.

Gryffen is fully house broken and will reliably hold it for 8-10 hours. He is not crated as he shows no destructive tendencies. Gryffen has no food aggression with people or dogs. He readily shares his food dish with Tinkerbell. He takes treats very gently from your hand. Gryffen has lived with children who were 6-10 years old with no issues.

He does have a bit of a stubborn streak and is a Houdini with collars – so when he doesn’t want to do something he can quickly get out of any collar. Therefore, I use a sturdy harness on him that is designed for dogs that go rock climbing. He does great in this harness and has never gotten out of it. I have noticed that since using the harness his stubbornness has ebbed and he doesn’t balk at going new places now. The harness seems to have given him a boost of confidence when on leash which has been great to see. So now Gryffen does great when being walked on the retractable leash and rarely pulls. Due to the retriever in him, he is highly focused on birds though!!! So if he sees a bird flying overhead he will become engrossed in it and pull on the leash trying to follow it. He is quickly and easily redirected though. Gryffen has no recall off leash and when he gets loose he will run as far and as fast away from you as he can, resulting in it taking hours to catch him. Therefore, Gryffen should never be allowed off leash unless in a secured fenced area. In his previous home he did respect the 4 foot tall wooden fence and never jumped over it. Overall Gryffen is a very sweet and loving boy. He is nicely mannered and should fit in with ease to almost any home.