• BEAGLE MIX; Sleek cream coat with tan ears, mask around face and tan on his back and side areas.  About 38lbs
  • ADULT MALE:  Est DOB: 2015
  • ARRIVAL: 5/15/2019
  • HISTORY: Half Pint was found a few years ago locally believed to be a discarded hunting dog.  When that family could no longer care for Half Pint,  we provided him with Sanctuary.

Half Pint is a friendly little guy with a big personality! Typical of most beagles, he’ll keep you smiling and entertained. Half Pint absolutely LOVES other humans, but is selective regarding what dog friends he’d like to make. We think perhaps he could get along with another dog his size or smaller, but what he really wants is an attentive person to spend his time with. A curious fellow who is ready to go and do, Half Pint would LOVE to accompany you on hikes or long walks and afterwards would delight in joining you for some snuggle time on the family sofa. He’s very affectionate and loves being petted; if you stop, he’ll give you a gentle reminder by putting his paw on your hand. Relaxed and quiet when we have him inside for night time, this little guy would be so grateful for a loving home to call his own. With endless love and smiles to share, he’s a great match as a family companion pet! Making a to do list? Be sure to write “Meet Half Pint!” at the top of your list! Please contact our office if you’d like to learn more about this special beagle.