• HOUND;  Tri Colored- Cream legs, tan and black saddle, tan around eyes, tan ears.  Long, long, long legs!  67lbs
  • ADULT MALE;  EST DOB:  2014
  • ARRIVAL: May 22, 2017
  • HISTORY:  Hank was brought to CFC from Goochland County Animal Protection, where he was becoming more and more depressed and seemed to be shutting down. When he arrived at CFC he weighed only fifty pounds, which was too thin for his frame. Now he’s a healthy, happy dog.

I’m a tall, lanky boy who wasn’t doing well at the Goochland Shelter. After I was transferred here, it took me a while to realize I was going to be much happier. Now I share a pen with Becky, another tri-color hound. We are a perfect match because we’re both a couple of goofballs. We chase each other around the pen and I try to keep her from attacking our water pail.

I love other dogs and humans! I’m good with kids, and I have no problem sharing my toys with others. I get along great with just about everyone. You could definitely call me a real go-with-the-flow kind of guy. I don’t have to be in a home with another dog, but it wouldn’t be a problem sharing my humans.

Volunteer Comment August 2017:  Hank is ready to get the party started! This fellow is super friendly and fearless and really loves life!  He’s a big, strong boy who will need a strong, capable person to handle him on outside trail adventures, car rides and whatever might be on the itinerary in his new home.  Hank is a happy, playful hound who would be a wonderful choice for a family with kids but the kids will need to be older and more sturdy for fear he might accidentally knock them down and/or step on them in his excitement of just being Hank!  Never meeting a stranger, Hank makes you smile.   Plan on a lot of good times with Hank right by your side!