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  • CHOCOLATE LAB MIX; Sleek light chocolate brown coat, white blaze on chest.   About 45lbs
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: January 2017
  • ARRIVAL: July 7, 2018
  • HISTORY: Hayden was found as a stray and taken to a high kill shelter.  When space became an issue,  we spoke up for him.

Lean on me?? Oh please, let ME LEAN ON YOU!! I’m such a mellow, chill guy you’ll not find a more affectionate, cuddly guy to hang right by your side. I’ve never met a stranger and am THE best meeter and greeter. Very considerate in my approach in meeting new humans and other dogs, I’m loving and very gentle natured. My walking friend commented on how lovely my long lean frame is and she also said she enjoyed petting my lovely chocolate coat. A great fit for a family with kids of all ages and dogs I can hang out with, my labby appearance coupled with my easy-peasy, doting personality makes me a wonderful match for most any family.

READY FOR ADOPTION!!!- Foster update Mid October:  “Hayden has been a terrific house guest!  When he first arrived at our home, he wasn’t so sure about inside things, but now he is ALL ABOUT the inside, cushy, warm-bed kind of life!  His nickname at the house is “Velcro” because he loves to be with people and always wants to help you with whatever you are doing–he is always velcroed to us!  He is potty trained and sits like a good boy before breakfast and dinner.  He gets along beautifully with our dog as well as all the dogs at the dog park and is best suited to live with another doggy friend. He has been working on his “puppy eyes” which he has nearly perfected!  Beware, they are close to impossible to resist!  If you are an active person, looking for a companion to explore and go on adventures, Hayden is your man!”

More about me August 27: Foster Time! Howdy Folks. It’s me Hayden and oh, my goodness, my world has changed so very much since when I arrived as a stray at a kill shelter and was then transported to CFC where my whole world has really just expanded at an incredible rate!

I’m so pleased to share with you that I am now in foster care and my mom reports I am doing really wonderful. Now she will also tell you that the concept of being inside a house and living in a house is all very, very new to me as I’ve spent my whole life living outside. I’m getting with the groove though and it’s fun and exciting, sometimes scary and I can feel nervous, but I’m naturally curious and love the humans so very much, so I’m giving it my all!

My foster mom, Hannah says baby steps first and then big steps will follow and she’s right! Already, when let outside to run and play and get fresh air, I’m now coming to the back door and yes, coming inside and relaxing! While this may seem like a simple accomplishment, bear in mind going inside a home is all new to me. Every day sounds in a home like a washing machine, dishwasher, the drone of a tv, groceries being unloaded, etc are new noises for me and slowly I’m adjusting to them but on my own time. I’m better suited having slow intros in my new home (and having another dog around I’ll add has really helped!) and being allowed to slowly get comfortable with each room.

They say slow and steady wins the race and this is my outlook as I embrace what I know will be my next, new incredible pet assignment. I’ll post other updates as I settle into my foster home and sure hope you’ll check back in to see my wonderful progress. I’m still the super affectionate, loving guy who really loves everyone but for now, I’m working on inside life skills which will allow me to settle right into my new full time pet position. Hugs and Kisses ~Hayden

Ps. Foster mom has introduced me to the concept of crate training and I’m doing a great job. So great in fact, that she will tell you I snore up a storm while relaxing on the memory foam pad inside of it! I’m also getting the hang of house training. Smile. Smile.

More about me November 27: After working very hard to be the best pet he can be, Hayden is officially ready for his forever home!  Hayden has been fostered for the last few months after he had trouble adjusting to being inside a home – he was scared of everything from the TV being on at a low volume to the microwave running. His foster family has worked so hard to get Hayden comfortable at being an indoor pooch by being patient and allowing him to go at his own pace and not forcing him into any situations he may find uncomfortable, and now this handsome fella is lapping up all of the luxuries of home!  He is a gentle soul who loves the companionship of his humans, while still being an active guy who is up for going on adventures. Hayden would do best in a home with another dog to show him the ropes and would need a family who will be patient as he makes adjustments to a new home and lifestyle.