• HOUND MIX; tri-color, 73lbs
    • ADULT MALE; Est. DOB 2017
    • ARRIVAL: May 7, 2020
    • HISTORY: Hickory was found walking on the side of the road on a dark, rainy night in December 2019. A Good Samaritan pulled over, and opened her door to welcome him inside. Thin, weak, and days away from starvation, Hickory needed help getting in the vehicle and she was happy to oblige. His rescuer fed him, took him to the vet and cared for him for several months before coming to the very difficult realization that Hickory still deserved more than she was able to provide. He deserved someone who had more time to give him, as she could tell very quickly that all Hickory wanted was his own person he could truly bond and spend time with. She brought him to us so we could do everything we could to find Hickory the home he so deserves.
With one look in his direction, it is easy to be taken by Hickory’s gorgeous and unique coloring and soulful eyes but if you will sit down quietly for a moment, you will realize quite quickly that there is more to this handsome fellow than his good looks.  Timid of strangers initially, we promise that showing this boy just a little bit of patience will pay off, and you will soon be rewarded with his affection and the ability to stroke those perfect hound ears.  It won’t be too long before he is gratefully accepting hugs from you, giving you gentle kisses, resting his head on you and following you around his pen, wanting to see what you see and be where you are.
During his time with his rescuer, he lived on a farm and played with her many dogs varying from medium-sized to very large, and he loved this time spent playing with his canine buddies.  Hickory did well with the outdoor cats roaming around and even some goats, but the chickens were a bit to enticing for this guy, and he made a game out of chasing them!  He spent most of his days outside, but did well being crated indoors at night.
Hickory is looking for a family to call his own – folks who have plenty of time to give him and who may even have some dog-friends for sweet Hickory to pal around with. This guy will surely be up for some adventuring, too, so if being active outdoors is your thing, Hickory would love to be your companion in those outings.  There is something special about this sweet boy, and the family who makes him theirs will most definitely be the lucky ones.