Houdini 19 cover



  • SENIOR FEMALE – Est. DOB 3/2008
  • ARRIVED:  4/2009

Houdini was spotted injured in the road and taken to the vet by the kind person who rescued her.  Brought to CFC in spring of 2009, Houdini was initially quite shy but has really come into her own.  Fully healed, you can count on Houdini to greet you at her door and politely beg for attention.  Good at leaning against your leg until you pet her, Houdini is very cuddly and friendly and evolving into a wonderful companion animal.

More about Houdini August 2013:  The Incredible Disappearing Tabby!  But wait!  That’s an old headline..very old…today,  we can proudly say our featured Tabby Tuesday girl,  is anything but a magical disappearing act.   She’s up front and center and ready to be our featured feline.

Found wandering on a road dragging her rear legs,  we feared she had been hit by a car. While some groups might turn a blind eye to a pet in SUCH need,  we welcomed her in and got her well.  Turns out she had an awful infection in her spine affecting her movement so without too much medical assistance,  Houdini was on her feet and running and hiding much to our dismay.  We had no choice but to name her Houdini.

Today,  she’ll give you a little smirk of pleasure as you note how far she has come and how friendly and welcoming she is.  Who would have thought??   By far,  her best feline friend is Spencer.  This super handsome grey and white fellow really has a way with the ladies and Houdini is just one of the ladies who has fallen under his captivating spell.

Now a middle aged tabby,  Houdini still has her girlish figure and has never lost sight of her goal in finding her new person.  As sweet, gentle and kind on the eyes as she is,  we still think Houdini will “magically disappear” into her new home.   Perhaps you can be part of this wonderful, closing act!

August 2015 Update:

My CFC guardians have said many kind and generous things about me but I have become such a lovely soul that my volunteer admirer insisted that I tell you that he considers me one of the true undiscovered gems here at the sanctuary. Everything about me is soft, from my downy fur to my kind and ever gentle spirit. I often am overlooked in the press of friendlies greeting visitors to our room but so enjoy being stroked and made over. Please come and spend some time with one of CFC’s hidden treasures.