Hunter 10



  • DSH Orange Tabby
  • ADULT MALE: Est DOB: July 11, 2017
  • ARRIVAL:  July 21, 2018
  • HISTORY: Hunter was a stray/surrender when he tested positive for feline leukemia.

When is a Hunter not a hunter? Why it’s when he’s CFC’s Hunter, a love bucket and a sweetheart of a guy. He’s a lover, not a fighter, and the only hunting in his repertoire is seeking out a lap to occupy. His is a laid back, go with the flow personality and there’s nothing hyper about this boy. His ample orange body perfectly fills most any lap, where he delights in a good cuddle. His purr is so soft that it’s almost imperceptible, but it’s dependable. Lean your head down to hear it and you just might be the recipient of one of his patented chinny nudges. Here’s one of his most endearing traits; should you pause in petting him he will extend his big mitten paw up to your cheek and gently pat it or he might tap your arm and draw your hand back to him to encourage you to resume the caresses. No claws are extended, just a very soft touch to remind you that “I’m here and love is in session!” He is just one very good cat. Please come visit our treasure hunter’s delight- he’d adore seeing you.