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  • HOUND MIX – 43 Lbs.
  • SENIOR MALE – Est. DOB 2002
  • ARRIVED:  2005
  • HISTORY:  Hutch was rescued along with 90 others pets from a local hoarder.


Update February 2018: I’ve had a wonderful time here at CFC, with faithful volunteers giving me walks and staff making sure all my needs are met. I enjoy sharing the Vet Tech’s office with my pal Nicki, roaming inside or out depending on my mood.
But time has been passing, and I’m no longer the bouncy three-year-old dog I was when I arrived. I now have a cataract in one eye, and I hate to admit it but I’m going a bit deaf. I am on anti-inflammatory and pain medications for my arthritis. All of this can make me cranky, especially with new people and situations.
For these reasons, I have decided to take myself off the adoption list. I would rather live out my life here at CFC where everyone knows and understands me. CFC is called a “sanctuary” rather than a “shelter” because once an animal is here, he or she has a home forever if needed. I have decided that I want Caring for Creatures to be my forever home.

More about me in my younger years.  Still fun to look back and see why folks have always adored me!  Named after the classic pair of Starsky and Hutch, famed TV stars from the 70’s, I have long ago retired from my days of sleuthing and would love nothing better than to cruise a wooded trail with another canine and/or human.  Some might say I can be a bit timid but let’s just say I am more selective than others in welcoming friends into my inner circle.  Once I have met you once or even twice, I will be patiently waiting for you at my “front door” hoping we can spend some time together.  Be prepared for an extremely laid back and easy going fellow.  I love sunning on my wooden sofa in my pen and would welcome you with open paws to stop on by and say “hi.”

More about me July 2013:
Can you imagine what it feels like to wag your tail for over a decade??  Well, I can and I am living and breathing that reality every day.  Today is Wagging Wednesday and I am THE spokesperson to ring in this special day.

As some of you may know, I was one of the 90 dogs CFC rescued in 2005 from a hoarding situation.  Even back then when my days were dark and endless,  my tail would still wag as I held out hope that soon my mistreatment would end and I would have a life filled with dignity and care.

Today I am living that dream from so long ago BUT have never given up hope on my person coming for me.  For most of my tenure here at the Sanctuary,  I have been the sidekick to Starsky (Ha, like that is a big surprise!) but he has since passed on leaving me to sleuth and forge onward as a single undercover agent.

In many respects, I’m the perfect pet.  I’m medium sized (40lbs), mild and gentle in manner, and very, very polite.  And talked about poised!  You see those cool pictures of me?  Well, let me tell you the photo lady simply asked me to smile and pose.  Wham!  I did exactly as told and 5 minutes later the photo session was done and we were continuing along our trail walk.

I’m a gentle, soft soul who doesn’t ask for much.  I can be a little shy and hesitant when we first meet but don’t worry as that too will pass and we’ll soon become fast friends.

Make no mistake!  Hutch is in the hunt and he’s hot on a trail.  I’m on the trail of finding my first person after a decade old search.   Just give me a few more clues so I can find you and I’ll be there as soon as I can!