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  • BORDER COLLIE/LAB MIX; Medium length black coat with white blaze on her chest and neck.  About 45lbs.
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: March 2017
  • ARRIVAL: May 18, 2019
  • HISTORY:  Izzy arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter.  When space became an issue,  we spoke up for her before it was too late.
Meet Izzy, an adorable lab mix, approximately 2-3 years old. She looks like a little black bear and has the cutest and fluffiest tail!
Since arriving at CFC, Izzy has blossomed! Walk up to her kennel, and she will greet you at the gate and welcome you with a friendly smile. She’ll promptly sit, waiting to be hooked up for her walk. As you crouch to attach the leash, she will gently put her paws on your lap and give you a little smooch. We find her to be a super sweet girl who loves affection and attention.
When Izzy first arrived at a high kill shelter several months ago, she was overwhelmed. The staff and volunteers there did a wonderful job of building Izzy’s confidence and showing her the joys of leash walking, meeting other dogs, and getting love. Now at CFC, one of Izzy’s favorite pastimes is scouting for squirrels on her walks. When she hears a little rustle in the woods, her ears perk up and forward, letting us know she’d be happy to give chase if we just say the word (we don’t, of course!). She also enjoys meeting new people and will stop to say hello to anyone who gives her attention, which happens a lot when you’re an adorable dog who looks like a little bear!
As if cute looks and a sweet personality weren’t enough, Izzy is also smart, attentive, and quick to learn. Our volunteers of all levels of experience find her a joy to walk. With a regular routine in her forever home, we are certain that Izzy will continue to thrive! Could you be a part of Izzy’s continued success story?
Foster Update August 2019:  Izzy is a wonderful dog. She’s come a long way with me in just 24 hours! She is interested in toys, but I have to be very excited about them first. She has played fetch (and always brings it back–though she doesn’t know the word “ball”), and loves this little squeaky stuffed lamb! She is also fond of her Kong (though she won’t work too hard to get the treats out), and she also loves this little food maze where she has to open little doors and spin it to get treats out!
She’s very smart, and already does sit and lay down fairly well (more so when a treat is on the line). She’s rolled over a few times on command, and we worked hard on “drop it” today, and she does that great! She doesn’t complain about going into the crate, though when I pretended to the leave the house (no looking at her, put her in the crate about 15 minutes before I tried to leave), she cried and barked (just once, though). Since then, I’ve been telling her to go to bed (crate), and then I sit in the same room with her, then walk away, then come back and sit. So far she can go 20 minutes before she gets antsy, but she hasn’t cried or barked anymore.
She likes napping, but she already knows where her leash is and even brought me my shoes once when I told her it was time for a walk! It took about four hours before she’d let me brush her, but comes to me for pets often. She ALWAYS comes when told “Come here,” even from different rooms. She does pull on the leash, but redirects with treats easily. She always gets very pumped to see other dogs, and two dogs that were chained up outside (she saw them before I did), she went right up, they exchanged sniffs, and then she continued on our walk. She also understands “Stay,” but only if you stay in her line of sight.  She’s great in the car, but I did use the seatbelt; otherwise she hangs with half her body out the window! She slept 8 hours in the crate overnight without any complaints, and she’s had no accidents in the house. She’s an absolutely wonderful dog, and I love her already.