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  • FEIST MIX; Short haired; Light brindle, swirled jacket and tall, perky, cupped ears. 36lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: June 2012
  • ARRIVED: November 28, 2015
  • HISTORY: Jean was adopted from a high kill shelter as a puppy and returned when her humans became wheelchair bound and could no longer care for her. When her time was “up” at the shelter, we spoke up for her.
  • ADOPTION HISTORY: Jean was adopted in April of 2016 but returned a few weeks later due to aggression toward the neighbor’s dog. She was adopted again in February of 2017 but returned due to a strong prey drive and lack of patience with children.
  • NOTE: Jean does best when afforded a slow introduction to other dogs as she can be a bit selective in her playmates. No cats for Jean please.  Jean is the perfect choice for a home stocked with adult humans only.
Jean is a snuggly girl who loves being with her people. Once upon a time, she had a family and a home and she was very loved. When her elderly caretakers started having health issues and became wheelchair bound, well, they did the right thing for Jean and wished for her to have a new home where she could share her youthful outlook on life and run and play and have fun! Today, Jean is a happy, vibrant lady who loves people. Jean loves rolling over on her back in the hopes of eking out some belly rubs from her new human friends and maybe catching some sunny rays to warm her up. Inside, she’s perfectly content to simply stretch out on the sofa but she also loves acting as your shadow as she follows you around to get in on the all the action. Already crate and house trained, Jean is a lovely leash walker and is happy to trot back into her house when summoned especially if it involves a fresh Benebone or other tasty snack! With the temps dropping, Jean will tell you she is the BEST doggy to curl up into YOUR bed to keep your feet or legs warm. She’s a wonderful “draper”  in this manner and is just darn appealing! Jean is a little “Love Machine” and we think she’s just divine!
Fall 2016 Foster Update: Outside of chasing after tennis balls, Jean’s favorite pastime is snuggly with her human.  Her sleepover went really well. She made herself right at home after checking the place out. I gave her a bath as soon as we get home and she was able to walk around and check everything out. In the evening she jumped up on the couch beside me and went right to sleep. If I got up, she got up. She was my shadow. No accidents in the house at all. When she needed to go out or when she was hungry she let me know. She slept through the most, but got up once or twice and laid back down in the dog bed we have in the bedroom. She adapted well. It seemed like she had been there before and was very comfortable. I cannot wait to have her sleep over again sometime. She is a great listener too. We usually eat dinner at the couch, not the dining room table. When we sat down to have dinner on Friday night she walked over slowly to me and I told her no and she walked over to the dog bed in the living room and laid down till we are finished. After I cleaned up dinner she was right back on the couch by my side. She is a little cuddle bug.