JIMMY- Vet Pet Pick!




  • WALKER HOUND- Tan and white. 49lbs
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: 2017
  • HISTORY: Jimmy came from a property where he and several other dogs were not provided adequate shelter, food, water, medical care, or attention. He came to CFC through HOWS Project.

If we could give Jimmy a theme song, it would be Walking on Sunshine. This lovable long-legged hound is just so darned happy, you can’t help but feel good being around him. He greets everyone he meets with a huge smile and offers up play bows every chance he gets.

Jimmy loves (and we mean capital L.O.V.E.S.) to run in the exercise arena, picking up toys along the way, inviting all in his orbit to join in the fun. A big, fenced yard would be perfect for this guy. Add an active family lifestyle with lots of leash walks, and he would be in heaven.

Jimmy’s good nature makes him a good fit for a home with older kids who can keep up with his energy and withstand the occasional collision. Jimmy’s a sweetheart, but he hasn’t quite mastered the art of putting on the brakes when he’s in full stride. One admirer has likened him to a racehorse.

Jimmy’s life was not always so sunny. He came from a neglectful situation where he and many other dogs were living without adequate shelter, food, vet care, or attention. But with basic medical care, a nutritious diet, and plenty of love, Jimmy now knows life is good! In his short time at CFC, he has thoroughly learned to “dog.” These days Jimmy has sunshine to spare and is looking for that perfect someone to share it with. Could it be you? Come meet Jimmy today and add a little sunshine to your life!

Day Trip Time with Jimmy May 2020: 

Thank you CFC volunteer, Stacey, for taking sweet Jimmy on a day trip!

“Last week Jimmy came to our little farm for a day trip. This sweet, gentle guy was timid and nervous when he first arrived. After an hour or so, he began to relax a bit, and enjoyed the porch on a hot day. He did beautifully meeting both of our dogs – allowed them to approach and sniff, and then simply ignored. Bravo!

Despite his being timid, Jimmy went right up to Brandon in the yard, and then also chose to go stand near him while we were getting acquainted. Almost seeking him out…So seemingly likes men/is okay with them.

I used the furminator on him as we walked around and also cleaned his ears. He was a VERY good boy, allowing me to do both of those things.

While walking Jimmy around the property, our 4 guinea fowl decided to introduce themselves (not the smartest birds). We walked away as the birds approached, and Jimmy was timid and seemingly fearful of the loud, strange little dinosaurs. We retreated back to the safety of the porch!

Jimmy eventually opened up and showed his fun, playful side after finding Mikey’s pillow pet.

Jimmy was a delight in the car. Instead of jumping into the car, he decided to give me a hug instead (something very cute he does). He allowed me to assist him into the back. Eventually he laid down for the 30 minute ride and didn’t make a peep!”