• DLH, White
  • SENIOR FEMALE; Est DOB: 2006
  • ARRIVAL: 2/10/2017
  • HISTORY: Julia was a stray and in very poor health when found.
  • MEDICAL NOTE:  Julia is FIV+

I was so filled with fear when I first arrived here. Because I was a scaredy cat I was a very scary cat. Let’s just say that I was NOT a “Hey, how you doing?” kind of girl and folks wisely kept their distance. I was very petite, but mighty. It took a whole lot of time and almost unfathomable love and patience but thanks to the people at CFC, particularly volunteer Terri, I’m a changed girl. You should see me now. Everyone says that my transformation is nothing short of miraculous. As Terri says, I’m just a joyful ball of white fluff. Eyes once expressing terror are these days light filled and lively. I’m now in the forefront of the crowd lobbying visitors for attention. That’s me sashaying about, flirting outrageously, and twirling figure 8’s around your legs. I confess that I can make it difficult to walk around the room with me underfoot purring and chirping for some loving, but folks don’t seem to mind. I had long heard tales of this place called a lap and I’m beginning to discover what that’s all about. I don’t yet stay long on one but you can tell that I adore the affection and that it’s likely that my time of residence there is going to increase. I revel in being petted, responding with purrs, arched back, and kneading paws. From lonely and angry outcast to belle of the ball, who would have believed that the down soft puff ball flouncing about and greeting one and all is ME? I love people, and other cats too; both are likely to be recipients of my rubbing against them and my gentle head bumps. Sometimes I blush when I hear myself being called beautiful, gentle, and adorable, but sometimes a girl just has to live with adulation. Thank you for listening to my story and I do hope you’ll come and sit a spell with me. You just might decide to add a fluffy muffin to your life.