• ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 2012.  Although Kyndell is an adult, she plays and acts very much like a teenager!  She’s very young at heart.
  • ARRIVAL: July 13, 2018
  • HISTORY:  Kyndell was dumped at a local truck stop where she lived for several years before she was trapped and brought to us.
  • MEDICAL NOTE:  Kyndell tested positive for FIV.  Learn more here!

Kyndell is an affectionate adult calico who is FIV+. She had been dumped at a truck stop and lived there without a reliable daily food source for several years. She always had to be on guard since she didn’t know who she could trust. People and trucks were constantly on the go and some of the people tried reaching/grabbing for her which scared her. Thankfully, she was recently rescued from this busy location and has now started her new life. Just in the nick of time too. She had a bad uterus, ovarian cysts and two teeth that needed to come out. They were making her feel really bad. Once she was spayed she was like a new cat. Suddenly full of life, inquisitive and playful.

Her rescuers decided to take her home since their cat had recently passed away. Because of her previous life experiences Kyndell was somewhat shy initially. After all, her rescuers look a lot like others she had seen in that same parking lot. In fact, she saw them once a week when they were able to leave her some food. Could she trust them or were they like some of the others that weren’t so nice? With gentle persuasion it didn’t take her long to warm up. She started to trust people to the point of even laying in their lap or on their chest and sleeping with them. She loved her new life with reliable food and a comfy couch to sleep on. From the beginning they could tell how thankful she was to have been rescued. She even did well with the ear meds she had to take for a bad yeast/bacterial infection in her ears. How could one who was thrown away by humans find it in her heart to trust again so quickly?

She also learned how to play with toys such as mice and balls. They weren’t the real thing, but close. She loved chasing and swatting them around and under things and pouncing to find them again.

Her rescuers found that she does really seem to enjoy the company of other cats. While in their home she loved to watch the resident cat and tried to engage her in play by pouncing toward her playfully. Unfortunately, the resident cat didn’t want to play with her. Kyndell tried to show her that play can be fun, but to no avail. She would sometimes even carry a toy mouse around in her mouth and cry – like she was asking the other cat to play! It didn’t work however, the resident cat still wouldn’t play with her and at the age of almost 13 found it scary and upsetting to be the center of attention.

Because of the other resident cat Kyndell had to leave her rescuers home and is now living at Caring for Creatures with the other FIV cats and waiting for her chance at another loving home. She would love other gentle and playful cats she could enjoy spending time with. Her rescue parents loved her and wanted to keep her very much, but their other cat didn’t want Kyndell around and was scared and depressed. Kyndell couldn’t understand why her enthusiasm for life was such a problem for the senior cat and she is hopeful that she will get another opportunity.

Kyndell needs a kind and supportive home with someone who is understanding of her experiences and willing to continue building her trust. She’s come leaps and bounds already and has no limits with the right environment. Her rescuers are thankful they got to witness the beauty and love Kyndell has to offer in a loving and supportive environment.  Kyndell’s final Bucket List item is to head on home. Could that be your home?