• DSH- Cream coat with a darker orange cap, dark orange tail and orange ovals on both of his sides.
  • BABY MALE; EST DOB: April 24, 2020
  • ARRIVAL: July 10, 2020
  • HISTORY:  Littermates Larry, Curly, Moe and Frye were trapped locally in a colony of cats.  Arriving super shy,  they spent 6 weeks in foster care fine tuning their pet skills and are now all ready to head on home.

A recent graduate of our advanced How to be a Perfect Kitten 101 foster program,  Larry and team would tell you that they are all now ready to head on home and apply their new companion pet skills to their new family.   Having lost out of some key weeks of early socialization,  this lovely litter of all males has come so very far and continue to grow and develop into exceptional little love bugs.    They still all have a bit of “stranger danger” in meeting new folks and might shy away from you, but we URGE you to please read on about these kitties to see what makes them all so special and candidates for YOUR home.  We know they love to snuggle and purr and playtime is such a fun time for all of them.  When they see foster mom coming their way, they are lined up and ready for attention and some lovin.’  A home with another cat or two and even a low key dog or two on hand,  would be an ideal match for these guys.  Adopting a couple of the siblings together would also be an excellent option to consider.   The kitties are all very active and very food motivated!    All have mastered the litter box, happily activate scratching posts, love playing with toys and are skilled going in and out cat doors.  The foster mom had one that led them to a secure, screened in patio area and they loved flying in and out of it.  It is NOT recommended to offer the kitties outside access as they will vanish!!

More about Larry: Larry is still the smallest in his litter but he certainly holds his own amongst everyone and is a master climber and scaler!  A bit of a side kick by nature vs a leader, he happily follows along as his siblings continue to explore, go and do.   Larry loves getting snuggly with his foster mom and will nicely sink down into a fleece throw and roll over on his back for some soft tummy rubs.  A master purrer and snoozer,  Larry is a gentle hearted little guy who loves to play, play and play!    Larry is a delightful little fellow who would be best suited heading home with one or more of his litter mates and or into a home where the resident kitty is looking for a playmate.   Think Larry might be ideal for you?  Please, reach out to us!